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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i happy new year! I believe its time to step into US perpetual preferred shares due to interest rates. I'm having problems finding these and I'm hoping you can help. Quality needs to be high to the highest as this is for my retirement. I am an advocate of diversification so please if you can have a few stable sectors listed, thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 09, 2023

Q: Hi - 2 part question: Over the next year or so, what would be your top selections for US healthcare stocks? Second, what sub sector of US Healthcare do you like the most over next year?
Thank you as always.

Read Answer Asked by Douglas on March 24, 2022

Q: Hello Team,

Do you have a list of three top DEFIBRILLATOR Maker publicly traded companies that are good investments (I suspect they will all be US and European Companies)?

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Joseph on December 14, 2021

Q: Good morning, 5 i Team!
The market had a great run in the last 12 months. I am looking to trim some gains and deploying the new cash in post Covid re-opening theme.
REIT, Travel, Leisure, Energy, Medical devices.
Your thoughts on SRU.UN /O, GOOG/EXPE, CVX/BP, MDT/BSX

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on February 25, 2021

Q: The above positions are held by my daughter's trade account and I would like to transfer a few into her TFSA. Of these, what order would you do it in, aka rank?.......(For information purposes, she currently holds these US positions in her TFSA...PLTR, ROKU, TTD and VEEV in addition to a diverse group of Cdn positions.)......Please deduct extra credits!!!
........Many thanks for the wonderful advice...Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on December 07, 2020

Q: Would you start a position at these levels?
I know they recalled the Lotus Aortic valve but it doesn’t represent a significant earnings miss at all.
I know you like MDT over BSX and JNJ &SYK are also great company’s that you may want to think about in this equation if we wanted to buy 2 of them in the Medical device space.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Nick on November 26, 2020

Q: With the possible exception of MDT or ISRG, some of the US listed medical stocks remain down near their lows while other names have rallied hard. I am interested in the companies above and wonder if you can tell me if each would be a buy for you at current levels? Again each are down a lot, have favourable analyst ratings but haven't bounced much. Are there any on this list you DO NOT like?

Read Answer Asked by Tim on March 27, 2020

Q: I have held MO for over 10 years. It's done very well for me - tripled in value plus dividends. But it's probably time to move on. Traditional tobacco product sales are declining rapidly (not a bad thing to be honest) and investments in JUUL and Cannibis are probably years away from potentially paying off. I'm comfortable with my portfolio make up except for healthcare, which i have no exposure to. I've been looking at ISRG, TMO, BSX and BDK. I'm leaning towards ISRG based on their balance sheet (lots of cash, very little debt),market position, and potential growth but it seems to be in the doghouse after an earnings miss last quarter and it looks expensive on a fwd P/E basis. That said I don't mind paying up for quality. Your thoughts on ISRG or maybe one of the other stocks I listed? Deduct as many credits as you see fit. Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 03, 2019