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Q: Hello team,

I am up 40% on CAE, which I don't think is going any farther until planes are back in the sky in a meaningful way. Would you agree?

If you more or less agree, I am thinking of selling CAE and put the proceeds to one or two of the followings ordered base on my losses in each. The original investment is almost the same amount in each stock with the exception of BLFY which was 1/2 of others:

U (+7%)
Appl (-1%)
ABNB (-5%)
PLTR (-6%)
CRNC (-23%)
BLFY (-40%)
PINS (-28%)

Would you average down or would you sit tight? I know you don't like averaging down in general, but I thought I would ask as sometimes there are better growth opportunities and it does make sense to build up a larger position.

Thanks for the help!

Read Answer Asked by Saeed on October 13, 2021
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