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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Following the pandemic there is a significant increase in mental health issues. Would you suggest any company or companies which are helping in addressing this issue and which you think have a good opportunity to grow. Thanks.



Read Answer Asked by Shyam on August 18, 2021

Q: Decision time...all because WIR.UN is being acquired. When WIR.UN was bought in Cdn loonies, I flipped it to the US dollar side of the account. Now will have US dollars to top up one or more of 44 US positions. But which ones? Like BLK, a very large asset manager†with exposure to index†ETF that has held up well. Or a specialty retailer, DG. Or TDOC that looks to have a bright future but is down at the moment market†price wise. Or finally, XYL with it's water machinery and it has market momentum at this time. Me, looking for your which one or some of these at this time or any others US ones you are excited about. Many thanks for your insights, aka guidance to me.........Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on August 10, 2021

Q: Hi group assume that the variants / Corvid gets much worse - what top 3 sectors + top 3 stocks do you recommend going fwd - Thanks for your thoughts on this

Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 13, 2021

Q: Hi,
TDOC is down roughy 50% from its high while I am down ~20%.
This is the only health/telehealth stock I own within my portfolio.
I wanted to maybe sell out of TDOC and buy another stock within the same industry. I realize that this could be a foolish move as I would sell at a 20% loss only to acquire another stock that could drop too.
What would be your thought process and would you still be ok with TDOC?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on May 10, 2021

Q: Hi.
The list of stocks makeís up my overall portfolio. Last month, during the sell off, my portfolio was down ~40% and started recovering slightly and lost steam again since late last week.
I donít have any intentions to sell in the short term and I will prefer to hold for minimum the next 3-5 years.
Looking at the list of my holdings, do you feel there is any stock that should not be there?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on April 21, 2021

Q: Hi, there is a lot of love for TDOC and it has grown quickly. I used to own it but sold, and am revisiting and researching the name. The main concern I have is reports that whales like Amazon and Wallmart, etc. are moving into the area of digital health. Amazon Care in particular, while currently a pilot project in Washington for Amazon employees, could expand if they see potential. Since TDOC is at a very high multiple to sales, I question the risk/reward here, can you please comment on your perspective? Would this risk also apply to WELL, which I own?

Read Answer Asked by Kel on April 16, 2021

Q: I have two holdings that are not acting as I had hoped and am looking for your advice on replacing them. I'm thinking of replacing WELL with TDOC and XBC with PLUG. According to PA I'm low on US exposure as well so that is part of my idea. I'd appreciate your thoughts on both of these trades or if you have a better suggestion I'm open to ideas. I'm retired with a moderate risk profile and looking for some growth.

Read Answer Asked by Lyle on April 15, 2021

Q: I am looking to increase my health exposure. I am looking at TDOC, DOC or VEEV and already have a full position in WELL. Do you prefer one over the other, all 3 or do you have another recommendation in this space?
Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on April 13, 2021

is any of this worth keeping/selling?
Thanks a million.

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on April 08, 2021

Q: Hi ,
With wild swings up and down with high growth tech stocks, its my opinion that nothing has changed other than their markets caps and the price. In some cases they have even become cheaper then they were, EV/sales etc. I decided to hold on to my high growth stocks as the "underlying business" fundamentals have not changed. In some cases, they have even got better.
My portfolio is down roughly 40%, which i would consider quite normal during a pullback of this sorts.
Would you agree with my thinking ?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on March 26, 2021

Q: Hi,
I own TDOC and there is much "noise" today about Amazon entering the telehealth space and its all doom and gloom for TDOC.
I thought this news was actually "old news" in the sense that we did anticipate this was going to happen.
In your opinion, does this move by Amazon fundamentally change anything for TDOC?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on March 18, 2021

Q: I wish to de-risk our portfolio. These are some of our holdings with high PEs [although that is not always the most appropriate criteria for risk assessment]. Would appreciate your advice as to top 10
(a) most at risk currently and
(b) great companies, even if currently expensive, that you have most conviction longer term.

Read Answer Asked by sam on March 17, 2021

Q: When do you think we are going to see the market sell off settle down in some of these names? Is this panic selling by retail investors or a more troubling move by smart money out of these names entirely? I'm just finding it hard to imagine that the prospects for these companies changed as dramatically as the share price in recent weeks. Take NVDA for instance. I thought it was everyone's darling a few weeks ago when I bought it over $100 higher. I'm holding but it's hard watching these things fall so dramatically each day without reprieve it seems. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Jason on March 09, 2021

Q: My two main holdings are QQQ and VIG in the US and ZQQ and VFV and ZQQ in Canada. I'm looking for two medium risk etfs that will balance these with CD, OIL, Financials, health, and industrials . I'd like reasonable growth expected in the next few years but with a manageable lower risk beta?
1) Can you suggest 2 CDN ETFS
2) Can you suggest 2 US ETFS
3) Can you suggest 2-3 emerging markets ETFS

PS can you also explain why TDOC seems to have a beta of .15??? Considering its growth, that seems impossible?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on February 23, 2021