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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello,
Looking at doing some tax loss selling. Could you please rank the following: AT, BYL, KTOS, COIN, NVTA, NIU and U.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Susan on December 20, 2022

Q: I am thinking of the selling the above stocks for a tax loss as I am down significantly. Could you rank these stocks as to which you would sell first to last.
Also I still have quite a bit of stock in technology and was thinking of investing the money in a general ETF mimicking the market. Which ETF would you recommend.

Read Answer Asked by Jacquie on August 18, 2022

Q: Terrible markets with NQ in bear space. NVTA,PATH, PLTR,BL are at/near new lows. Reportedly PLTR reports before open,May 9. All in Investment a/c.,except BL in Tfsa. Thinking of selling at a loss before they get worse,which maybe offset by potential capital gain of other stocks at a later date. Appreciate u short view on each. Txs for u usual great views & services.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 10, 2022

Q: Looking at companies in these companies, some have more current business (EXAS) while others are based more on potential. Can you please rank each in order based on these two approaches:

1. Most growth potential
2. Best overall investment

Please comment briefly on why you would place a particular company as "Best in class" for approach 1 and 2.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on April 05, 2022

Q: Do you think it is worth continuing to patiently hold NVTA in my RSP or is it time to sell ? Of course with no tax loss available for an RSP.

I thought the NVTA Feb report and guidance was encouraging.

Also, do you see NVTA moving to profits in the next couple of years, or at least convincing investors that growth is sufficient to entice 'growth investors' while waiting for eventual profits.


Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 14, 2022

Q: SC & MC especially high growth tech cos with no profit have been hammered recently, Today even the big techs were attacked. Now that the Fed stated that it will increase tapering of monthly purchase & rate hike(s) likely sooner than later. Uncertainity is cleared up for now. So is it time to sell the high growth stocks with no profit like my aforementioned holdings. Would appreciate u views on each of them.All in the non registered a/c so can be tax loss selling to offset capital gains. Txs for u usual great services & views.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 18, 2021

Q: The genome space seems to have taken a hit and I'd like to add some to my portfolio. Can you give me 3 to 5 Canadian or US stocks going forward that you believe have the highest potential of gains( I realise this would also be subject to the most risk) for a 5 plus year hold.

Also 3 to 5 stocks from Canada or US that you feel should be held for long term exposure.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on August 19, 2021

Q: Do you know management's financial predictions for the upcoming quarter? I believe the numbers are to be released next Tuesday August 3rd. I'm a shareholder and am in a minor loss position. I need to take more money out my RIF but thinking of waiting until after the release of numbers before deciding wether to sell or hold NVTA. I prefer companies with sterling managers and missing 8 quarters is disconcerting. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by James on July 27, 2021

Q: What is your long term outlook on the above companies.

I own them and some ARKG. Do you have any others you fell would complement them? I got space to add another name or two with out being overweight in the sector.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on May 17, 2021

Q: As I watch the growth stocks in my portfolio get crushed I can't help but also feel excited at the buying opportunities that are being created for others I thought I had missed. With the Nasdaq only 1200 points off its high and companies like TWST (down 57%), LMND (down to 60%) or BOMN (down 50%) or NVTA (down 55%) it is undeniable that many of these stocks have been revalued.

My question pertains both to these specific companies and smaller caps in general. Do you think companies like these are close to finding a floor meaning that it is time to start buying in tranches as they inch down or do you consider it more likely that we need a major sell off and full capitulation?

With these specific companies, what would be an entry price that makes sense for each for the first 1/2 and then a full position. (ie buy a 1/2 of LMND at 75 and then full at 60 if it gets there).

Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 13, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team. Thanks as always. I'm looking to start some positions in the USD side of my TFSA over the course of the next month or so. I'm particularly interested in good growth opportunities in the following sectors: Technology, Healthcare, Industrials and Communications. Can you suggest a few US stocks within each of these sectors that are some of your best ideas right now? I am open to all types of suggestions, but already having a few larger caps (MFST, ABBV, LMT) I would prefer small or mid-cap suggestions where possible. Please take as many credits as necessary - thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 03, 2021

Q: Hello 5i Team
I have read the Q/A on many of these stock already , but due to the current market correction and the stock rotation .How would you rate these stocks today and would you sell any of them .Is there futher down side risk on these stocks .What would you recommend ? Please deduct credits as you feel appropriate .
Thanks for you continous service and excellent ongoing advice.

Read Answer Asked by claudio on March 06, 2021

Q: I see ABCL is taking it on the chin today down 12% as I type this question. Since about January 1, 2021 I have been considering selling my NVTA and putting the money in ABCL but have done nothing to date. (Procrastination is sometimes the key to success)! NVTA weighting is 1.5%. 2 Questions...
Do you think ABCL has better long term prospects than NVTA and would you be interested in ABCL at +/- $31.50 USD? Or do you think I should use the basket approach and hold both?

Read Answer Asked by James on March 05, 2021