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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i,
I am looking for income and found these two. I am up with BAC and PRMW and would sell these and buy ICHR and IEP. I know there is no comparison but would be fine with the change for income. I am 76 with a good pension and a balanced portfolio value investor in all sectors. I also have covered call ETF's ZWC, ZWE, ZWH, ZWT, HDIV AND HYLD. The other forty-two stocks are blue chip equities in all 11 sectors with ten ETF's doing well with ZAG to balance it all. I am not using the principal and reinvesting excess dividends and using some for travel. Is there a downside to selling BAC and PRMW and buying ICHR and IEP or is that too excessive with the covered call ETF's now in play? Please take as many credits as needed.
Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on May 11, 2022
Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. Reading lots about supply chain shortages (semi-conductors, copper, steel, etc). How are we best to play this?

Should we consider selecting companies within specific industries (Copper Mountain or Teck comes to mind) or should we go the ETF route (via ZMT or another suggestion via 5iR)?

A dividend would be a bonus. BTW, in the materials sector I already own NTR.

Please list some companies that I can research.

Please list some ETFs that I can research.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on September 20, 2021
Q: I have three 1 percentage type holdings in trox, ichr, and uctt. I am trying to get down to 25 holdings as well. I was wondering if you think consolidating the three positions into a 3 percent holding in UPST would be a decent play with your current bullish outlook? Thanks as always for this tremendous service.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on September 07, 2021
Q: The chip shortage is currently a well publiced topic. Can you give me the names of a few companies that you feel will benefit from this dilemna. Thank You.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on August 18, 2021
Q: I have these 5 positions that I entered in at one percent weights. I am looking to do a clean up to fewer positions. Do my give you concerns or are you still comfortable with all 5? How would you rank them for 3-5 yr opportunity? Thx as always for amazing service.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on August 12, 2021
Q: I keep seeing CRWD come up as a good growth holding. I own the holdings mentioned earlier today in the 3 Cdn and 3 US growth recommendations, with the exception of CRWD. I'd have to sell something to buy it and own both UCTT and ICHR. I am wondering if there is some overlap between these two and whether selling one to buy CRWD is a good move - and if so, which one would be the better sell. If not, looking at CRWD peers, I also own PLTR. Would CRWD be a better growth holding than PLTR and warrant a switch?
Read Answer Asked by Kim on July 28, 2021
Q: Help with Business 101 please. It seems counter intuitive that Nvidia is altering their chips so they’re less desirable for mining crypto currency? I understand crypto is a volatile market and Nvidia previously got caught with too much supply. But overall if 2 customers are willing to pay the same for a product, why would the company show a preference towards one buyer over another?
Also, regarding the chip shortage, I thought Nvidia produced chips but it sounds like they’ll be caught up in the shortage. What type of companies will benefit from the chip shortage if any? Thank you for providing this valuable service!
Read Answer Asked by Steven on May 27, 2021
Q: When does the deal close? By when do you think better bids could appear?
(to replace PHO - what do you suggest?)
Also what semi play do you like? Do you like the manufacturers? Do you have a prefered play there?

Read Answer Asked by Mark on May 26, 2021
Q: What stocks would you look at that could be expected to benefit from the apparent shortage in chips? I have a 3-5 year horizon.
Read Answer Asked by JAMES on May 17, 2021
Q: PHO Should we wait for a higher offer or sell as it is dead money and is trading at the take out price? Which stocks would be a good replacement either in Canada or US with the same risk profile as PHO?
Thank you for your service!
Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on May 10, 2021
Q: Hi 5i Team. Thanks as always. I'm looking to start some positions in the USD side of my TFSA over the course of the next month or so. I'm particularly interested in good growth opportunities in the following sectors: Technology, Healthcare, Industrials and Communications. Can you suggest a few US stocks within each of these sectors that are some of your best ideas right now? I am open to all types of suggestions, but already having a few larger caps (MFST, ABBV, LMT) I would prefer small or mid-cap suggestions where possible. Please take as many credits as necessary - thanks again.
Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 03, 2021
Q: There is a global shortage of semiconductors and I would like to know which Companies will benefit most in 2021. Can you please recommend what are your Top 5 stocks in this space and your reasons for picking them. Thank You.
Read Answer Asked by ALNOOR on March 02, 2021
Q: In less then a month I am up 50% on Twitter. As a result Twitter is now 5% of my portfolio. Similar story with AT.TO, up 90% and just over 5% of the portfolio. I am thinking of trimming Twitter (25%)and significantly trimming AT (50%) before q results. Money to be used for ICHR, what weighing would you start with or is it better to go with SOXX at 5%? I believe I need a position in this sector given current/future demand.

Don't you think AC stock is getting ahead of the reality and air canada path back to business will not be as smooth as the stock is indicating? Or are the investors looking 2 years ahead and are willing to discount any turbulence? Is that the strategy here?
Read Answer Asked by JR on February 26, 2021