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Q: Hello 5i,

For tax-loss selling looking for 30 day proxies for NET, SNOW and PINS.


Read Answer Asked by Lee on June 10, 2022

Q: I am confused and would appreciate some of your knowledge on the mechanics of the type of transaction Mr Musk is doing in buying Twitter.

a) I thought that stockholders were the owners, so that buyout would mean everyone's shares were being purchased. Is this the case?

b) Then Musk said that the Board were refusing to consider his offer and they weren't aligned to Twitter's performance because they weren't big stock holders. Can a Board actually block a takeover? The press seemed to think so. Isn't there going to be a vote by shareholders on the offer?

c) Then there's the purchase price. If it's going to remain a public company, then that $49B goes where, into whose pockers?

Thanks for your guidance on these questions.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on April 28, 2022
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