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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi team,
Much is said about the rising demand for copper from Europe and Asia over the next few months due to technology and electric cars.For now the price of copper seems to have paused .What is your outlook for copper demand ,the price ,and which companies would best benefit from the rise in demand?
Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Jean on June 11, 2021

Q: Hi Peter...You have noted FM's high debt load. I once owned Inmet Mining which was taken over by FM, primarily to take control of Inmet's Panama copper claims. (The Panama claims were not mine at the time. Not even sure it was an ore body). The mine development was, I think, a big bite for FM. However they did develop those Panaama "copper ore claims" into a working mine. I believe the mine has now been operating for about 18 months. Does the mine seem to be producing copper at the cost and quantity anticipated? In other words is the mine as profitable as it was hoped for? If so do you know if FM has started to pay off the loans?

Read Answer Asked by James on May 18, 2021

Q: I have growing concern about my TECK investment. Although the company has many operations worldwide it appears to have significant copper +... producing mines as well as development projects in Chile and Peru.
Reuters, on May 17, ran an article titled "In worldís top copper region, political risk rises" The discussion suggests that Chile is overhalling its constitution and debating royalty changes. Peru's president has promised to make changes to keep 70% of mining profits in the country. Also, Peru has an election in June and a little-known socialist candidate is leading in the polls. I understand that both countries are struggling financially.
I would like to know how important are Chile and Peru to TECK's revenue and profit and your assessment of the potential problems for the company. I also own RIO and TKO for base metal exposure. If I sell TECK, what would you recommend as a possible replacement?
With appreciation

Read Answer Asked by Ed on May 18, 2021

Q: Hi! I own TECK.B and KL as part of my materials exposure. Small positions about 3% total of my portfolio. Looking to increase to about 10% of my portfolio. Given what I currently own, I am thinking of adding Nutrien for some ag exposure and then one of LUN, FM or HBM. Do you agree with this approach? Do you think 10% materials exposure is too high or too low given current economic expansion and inflation environments?


Read Answer Asked by Jason on May 04, 2021

Q: What are your thoughts on FCX/FM long term (any favourites?) I currently own FCX and ZMT.
Is 5i bullish on copper? If yes, what are your favourite ways to play it for a long-term hold. Are the names above reasonable?

Read Answer Asked by Stefano on February 23, 2021

Q: I have 0% exposure to the materials sector at the moment. I prefer stocks that have a decent yield. I am allocating 8% to the materials sector? Does that sound reasonable? Also, how would you split the allocation between base metals and precious metals? Any suggestions for good stocks in this sector?

Please take the number of credits necessary.

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jason on January 06, 2021

Q: I have a DOY balanced portfolio (Alpha-Balanced for guidance) , with less than 10 year timeframe.
Iím underweight communication services, and energy. Not a fan at this stage of oil or precious metals. Overweight in industrials and technology.
My concern is with my overweight in technology. Reading a number of opinion articles that refer to the tech boom as another The reply often is oh but this is different.
Hereís my two cents worth especially related to tech stocks I own. First of all investors/traders seem to be jumping in and out of technology based on the latest COVID-19 / vaccine news.
Re KXS; will still be in demand long after Covid-19. LSPD; somewhat sensitive to Covid-19 but have done a good job diversifying and adapting restaurant services etc. Will do well in recovery.
Maybe more acquisitions.
SHOP; like Amazon will carry on even though the valuation is high. Younger generation will still shop on line.
Now comes the tricky part. WELL and VEEV. I donít quite have a handle on. Not sure if the demand for their service will still be there post COVID-19.
Your comments and/or thought would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling that many of your clients would be interested in what you have to say.
Iím an experienced investor but donít have access to the kinds of info I once did. I depend a great deal on your unbiased expert opinion.
Merry Christmas


Read Answer Asked by Roy on December 10, 2020

Q: Can you list your favourite copper/metals/rare earth miners (excluding gold,silver miners)?

Read Answer Asked by dean on July 02, 2020

Q: can you please name a good copper etc and some companies thanks

Read Answer Asked by andre on May 22, 2020