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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i
Given current situation with the Panama referendum, What value does this mine contribute to FM overall value and assuming the vote is negative and FM loses it licences ect...what would you estimate the fair value share price to be...current price is around $13.50.....(I imagine the immediate reaction would be very bad...).....Hi 5i
Additional info for my First Qauntum question, Currently hold small position and want to decide if i should unload it or hold on...inside a registered plan so no tax benefit to sell.

Read Answer Asked by jim on November 22, 2023
Q: Can you compare and rank, for profitability and secondly, for growth prospects, the 5 Canadian listed copper producers, with the best 5 -10 year profitability and growth outlook, that may operate mines in Canada and/or other countries? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Will on November 22, 2023
Q: with so much extra copper needed in the future ,because of EV and clean energy what are your thoughts going forward on the copper price in the future?
It seems to me a no brainer as building a mine will not happen overnight either.
How would you play this as an investor?
Read Answer Asked by Josh on July 25, 2023
Q: Good morning, comments please on the deal between the government of Panama and First Quantum. I expected the share prices of FM and FNV to have a decent pop when the standoff was resolved but that didn't happen. Is the deal not as favourable as was expected? Will this deal affect the future royalty stream for FNV (did FNV have to provide any concession to assist in getting the agreement)?
Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 10, 2023
Q: Could you suggest a couple of Canadian companies leveraged to copper, noting key strengths? Then a couple of additional ones based on downside protection if commodity cycle rolls over?
Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by John on July 29, 2022
Q: I am interested in adding a copper producing company to my portfolio.
I would appreciate your comments on 2 or 3 that I might consider.
Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 18, 2022
Q: Already hold TECK.B and looking to add another Cdn base metals company. Considering FM, LUN and ERO. FM seems to be trading at roughly double the multiple of earnings and EBITDA compared to LUN, ERO and TECK.B. Two questions.

(1) Why does FM trade at such a high multiple compared to the others?

(2) Please rank FM, LUN and ERO on a scale of 1-10 for a desirable add to a diversified portfolio that is a low on base metals exposure.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on March 09, 2022
Q: Hi 5i team, I'm looking for suggestions on base metal miners. What are your favourite Canadian companies, particularly ones leaning towards copper. A pure copper play, maybe a small/mid-cap, suggestion would also be appreciated. Pete in Calgary.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 08, 2022
Q: Good Morning,
Can I please get a handful of your favourite copper stocks right now?
Read Answer Asked by Chris on September 29, 2021
Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. Reading lots about supply chain shortages (semi-conductors, copper, steel, etc). How are we best to play this?

Should we consider selecting companies within specific industries (Copper Mountain or Teck comes to mind) or should we go the ETF route (via ZMT or another suggestion via 5iR)?

A dividend would be a bonus. BTW, in the materials sector I already own NTR.

Please list some companies that I can research.

Please list some ETFs that I can research.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on September 20, 2021
Q: Hi team,
Much is said about the rising demand for copper from Europe and Asia over the next few months due to technology and electric cars.For now the price of copper seems to have paused .What is your outlook for copper demand ,the price ,and which companies would best benefit from the rise in demand?
Many thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Jean on June 11, 2021
Q: Hi Peter...You have noted FM's high debt load. I once owned Inmet Mining which was taken over by FM, primarily to take control of Inmet's Panama copper claims. (The Panama claims were not mine at the time. Not even sure it was an ore body). The mine development was, I think, a big bite for FM. However they did develop those Panaama "copper ore claims" into a working mine. I believe the mine has now been operating for about 18 months. Does the mine seem to be producing copper at the cost and quantity anticipated? In other words is the mine as profitable as it was hoped for? If so do you know if FM has started to pay off the loans?
Read Answer Asked by James on May 18, 2021
Q: I have growing concern about my TECK investment. Although the company has many operations worldwide it appears to have significant copper +... producing mines as well as development projects in Chile and Peru.
Reuters, on May 17, ran an article titled "In world’s top copper region, political risk rises" The discussion suggests that Chile is overhalling its constitution and debating royalty changes. Peru's president has promised to make changes to keep 70% of mining profits in the country. Also, Peru has an election in June and a little-known socialist candidate is leading in the polls. I understand that both countries are struggling financially.
I would like to know how important are Chile and Peru to TECK's revenue and profit and your assessment of the potential problems for the company. I also own RIO and TKO for base metal exposure. If I sell TECK, what would you recommend as a possible replacement?
With appreciation
Read Answer Asked by Ed on May 18, 2021