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Q: CHPT held a lot of promise but now I find myself looking at a 30% loss on paper after the GM,F & TSLA news.

Any significant opportunity for a recovery or time to sell and move on?

If I do sell where could I deploy the funds in terms of staying with a growth stock ( with much less risk than Chpt , especially the balance sheet)

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 13, 2023
Q: I do believe that our future will be elecrified, though it will take more than a decade to make real progress. Copper will be a key raw material but we will also need motors, batteries and control systems. Renewable power producers will also be needed of course, but I am more interested in the device side rather than the power production side.

If you wanted to start a mini-portfolio of companies that are likely to be key to an electrified world, how would you begin and can you suggest a few companies that will likely be key players?
Read Answer Asked by Dave on May 03, 2023
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