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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hello Peter and Team
Is it still time to invest in basic material.
I would like to increase my exposure to a reasonable level.
Between CMMC, HBM, LUN or Teck.B what will be your choice, could you rank them for a year exposure.
Thank You

Read Answer Asked by Raoul on May 14, 2021

Q: Hi! I own TECK.B and KL as part of my materials exposure. Small positions about 3% total of my portfolio. Looking to increase to about 10% of my portfolio. Given what I currently own, I am thinking of adding Nutrien for some ag exposure and then one of LUN, FM or HBM. Do you agree with this approach? Do you think 10% materials exposure is too high or too low given current economic expansion and inflation environments?


Read Answer Asked by Jason on May 04, 2021

Q: I'd like to invest in the materials sector (mining) ex gold and silver. Which companies would you suggest. I have addressed a few, possibly you have other recommendations. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by michael on January 26, 2021

Q: I am a "buy and hold" long term investor. I have held these stocks for over five years on the assumption that at least one of the pipelines would be built and the stocks would regain at least some of their losses. Of course that hasn't happened. With the Covid-19 situation I am concerned about a serious downturn in the economy during the next 18 months. As these stocks are already extrememly low, I am wondering if they will survive, let alone improve, during the next year or so. Based on income, debt levels, and future prospects, please rank each company according the possibility of failure.

Read Answer Asked by Joyce on May 13, 2020

Q: Looking at taking advantage of the recent sell-off in base metal miners to initiate a position in one of them. Which of the above would you prefer, or do you have another Canadian listed suggestion?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 14, 2019

Q: I own these 2 companies and up 5%.What do you think is driving these stock prices up?

And second question,these 2 companies are part of balanced portfolio which I am removing cyclical companies,at what point in this up cycle would you recommend selling?


Read Answer Asked by James on April 22, 2019