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Investment Q&A

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Q: My third question today!! Hope you don't mind the blitz of questions! What's up with copper miners. The share price of the copper miners I own have moved up substantially in 2023 although copper is not up that much. I have ARG for their debt free balance sheet and juicy dividend, Lundin for a large miner with a good dividend and HBM which i tend to trade since it appears to me to be irrationally volitile. I like the copper mining space long term but I do trade portions of positions because of the extreme volitility. I am thinking of taking some profits in HBM (virtually no dividend) and keeping LUN and ARG. What do you think of this strategy? Who do you like in copper miners and why?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 20, 2023

Q: In your Dec 13th update, I notice you added a 1.5% position to Capstone Copper Corp to the growth portfolio. Since your addition it has gone up ~17%. Is it too late to start a similar size position give the quick run up in the past few weeks and should wait for a pull back? Is this the type of holding you recommend for the next year or so (cyclical in nature) or do you view it as a long term hold?

Read Answer Asked by Justin on January 09, 2023

Q: High growth stocks. A recent NP piece by Peter H. advised investors consider these vs. conservative picks coming out of a bear market. "Stocks that used to be 50X sales are now 3X sales and still growing at 50%+...a Bloomberg screen shows 982 companies with 50% sales growth in the next year."

Could you provide 10 Cdn. stocks in this category or better yet provide a link to the Bloomberg screen. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on October 21, 2022

Q: Would you please do analysis and compare mentioned copper producers and rate/rank each for a 2 to 3 year hold? Also,any comments ob Copp would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on June 02, 2022

Q: Looking to add to my Ivn copper exposure with one of these companies. Could you compare these companies and make a recommendation for. 2 to 3 year hold? Also,any thoughts on Horizons new Copp etf? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on May 30, 2022

Q: good morning - i have a position in LUN which has wandered of late. I do want copper exposure and wonder if LUN is the best company in canada or whether there is a better company at present. So, is it buy, sell or hold my current LUN and what other companies would you suggest? thanks al

Read Answer Asked by alex on December 08, 2021