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Investment Q&A

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Q: Material Sector - I hold a full position in .LIN and starter positions in EXP CS FCX WFG AEM - all recommended by 5i. I prefer to have a full position in one of these for a long-term [3-5 years] hold. How would you evaluate them [or any other you prefer] and recommend your highest conviction.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 21, 2024
Q: I have very little exposure to raw materials/mining. What five companies would you recommend for a long-term hold?
Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 20, 2024
Q: In your answers to questions regarding sectors allocation, you say that materials sector should be at 10%. In my case it is 4% and includes AEM, NTR, CCL.B, WFG, MX. What would you do to increase my allocation? Would you replace some companies? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Gervais on January 29, 2024
Q: CHINA how bad is it ?Unemployment rising in 20 to 30 year age group Foreign companies pulling out . Housing a mess.

What can Government do to stimulate and change course. Is China investable at present. or avoid.

Chinas slowdown effects Oil and Copper prices Although Copper is in short supply

Your thoughts on CS Capstone

Read Answer Asked by bob on January 23, 2024
Q: Given the upcoming green technologies, what might be the most promising Canadian copper companies to invest in for medium term growth?
Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 12, 2023
Q: Can you compare and rank, for profitability and secondly, for growth prospects, the 5 Canadian listed copper producers, with the best 5 -10 year profitability and growth outlook, that may operate mines in Canada and/or other countries? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Will on November 22, 2023
Q: The stock price has declined by about 1/3 since the summer. Is the reason for this more about the short-term volatility that simply comes with a smaller company in the materials sector or is there any issue with this specific company? I just wanted to confirm that you still view this company as a good long-term hold and also ask if you think this is a good time to add to it? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Brendan on October 27, 2023
Q: I was interested in Stifelís recent bullish long term forecast for commodities. Do you share in their enthusiasm, and can you suggest a favoured ETF and several preferred stocks in the sector. Thanks, Don
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 07, 2023
Q: I am interested in placing an investment in the near future in a base metal producer; preferring a copper focus. I'd appreciate your take first, on the timing of such an investment given where we are in the economic cycle and second, your selection of a "top 3" to invest in. Thanks for the insights.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 31, 2023
Q: best way to play cooper ??? for rewards of future electrification
Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on August 30, 2023
Q: I would like to add one from your growth Model (new position).
Please indicate your preference at this time and if possible your reasoning.
Thanks as always
Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on July 30, 2023
Q: with so much extra copper needed in the future ,because of EV and clean energy what are your thoughts going forward on the copper price in the future?
It seems to me a no brainer as building a mine will not happen overnight either.
How would you play this as an investor?
Read Answer Asked by Josh on July 25, 2023
Q: Peter,

There seems to be some love returning to the beleagured Canadian small/micro cap stocks. Given how much they have declined, it looks like there is decent upside if the recovery continues.

On this note, do you see STC as a name that has not yet joined the party (with PAY, NVEI, LSPD, DTOL, DCBO, etc., already on the move) and has some decent potential here?

What would be your top three picks in this space at this time?

Thanks for your outstanding service,

Read Answer Asked by David on July 21, 2023
Q: If one wanted to invest in copper, what would i5R recommend, both individual companies & ETFs. Please give a brief financial explanation for each recommendations. Thanks. Ö Cal
Read Answer Asked by cal on June 21, 2023