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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, I am using Portfolio Analytics and it's suggested allocation is to increase Consumer Cyclical, Industrials and Utilities and increase in U.S. exposure. What is your suggestion for these categories for investment into TFSA & unregistered with a 10-15 year timeline? stocks or ETFs? thank you

Read Answer Asked by Brenda on March 31, 2022

Hi 5i,
I'm looking to make the material sector within my portfolio better. Can you please help me by ranking these companies for me and maybe let me know if something isn't needed or something should be added to give strength and diversification. Truly appreciate your service.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on March 23, 2022

Q: Good morning Peter, Ryan, and Team,

In our combined accounts, we are overweight in the Consumer Cyclical sector, and hold ATD, BYD, CCL.B, and MG. These stocks have been held for some time, so we have reasonable profits in all four.

In order to raise cash for our under-represented energy sector, please rank the four Consumer Cyclical stocks in order of the first to sell or reduce.

Our Energy holdings include ENB, TOU, and TVE. Please suggest three or four stocks in this sector that would be complimentary to the three already held.

Please deduct as many credits as necessary for this somewhat long question, and as always, thanks for your valuable insight.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on March 08, 2022

Q: Hello 5I
Could you please list a group of “cheap” or discounted reopening plays? As well as the pe if applicable.


Read Answer Asked by Tyler on March 01, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,

My question concerns CCL. I bought in 2017 just before the 5-1 share split. I am now underwater , not counting dividends for what is approaching a five year hold. I do not dislike the Company, however am concerned that I am holding onto dead weight. While I realize the Company had tremendous growth leading up to the split, it seems that it is now rangebound. Can you offer any reassurance that this phase is consolidation and that there is more growth on the way?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on February 28, 2022

Q: I want to initiate positions in my unregistered investment account, but if I buy all 8 above stocks, each position would be extremely small. (But that is still an option.) Considering thoughts on inflation and interest rates, could you put these in order of priority for purchase now. These positions would primarily be for safety, with a bit of income, which is non-essential, and some growth, which is also not essential. Just looking for your confidence level of these as companies for the longish term.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on January 03, 2022

Q: Are you aware of any companies like CSU that have a tight float and respect of shareholders and dont get killed in a market correction like some other public tech companies?


Read Answer Asked by blake on December 15, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team,
In general I follow 5i Balance Equity Portfolio. Lately, I went through comparing my portfolio to 5i Balance portfolio I found that I have to add the following stocks BDGI,PKI and SHOP and I am under weight on AEM,ATD,ATZ,BAM.A,CCL, ENB,TFII. Can you please advise in order which stock consider a good buy at this time.
Also, Can you please advise good buying stocks from the Growth Portfolio.

Read Answer Asked by Yousef on November 29, 2021

Q: Hello,
I have relatively small positions in these names. Would you add to all 3 names (ignoring sectors and sizes) or which name would you add to if not all 3? Long term investment. Thank you for the great service!

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on November 15, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

I’m overweight in Consumer Cyclical, and need to raise some cash for an underweight sector. Between CCL.B and MG, please rank them in order to sell a partial position. I like them both, so this is a tough decision! Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on November 06, 2021

Q: CCL.b reports next week and I'd like to know your level of concern about them around this Qtr. I'm trying to get a sense as to their possible sensitivity to input cost inflation. So I'd like to know your thoughts around them perhaps meeting/exceeding this reporting qtr BUT commentary that they are uncertain/fearful around next qtr due to supply chain constraints/inflation. Lots of companies seem to be beating their numbers but getting hammered because of supply chain commentary on conference call. Basically asking what CCL's sensitivity is to the current narrative around supply chains/inflation. Thank you as always.

Read Answer Asked by Douglas on November 02, 2021

Q: How do you see this company managing in an inflationary environment? Do you see this as a good entry point? Are there other names in this sector you would prefer right now? Interested in dividends. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Pat on October 25, 2021

Q: What is the reason for CCL's anaemic performance over the last 4-5 years? What is your outlook on the company? How would you you view a switch to RPI or IFX in today's market environment?

Read Answer Asked by Yvonne on October 07, 2021