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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you please rank the above material stocks for purchasing right now? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Neil on April 03, 2024
Q: Could you please provide 3-4 names of US companies that you buy now in each of the following sectors: Technology, communications, industrial, discretionary, and Materials.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on April 01, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and 5iresearch team
I don't have any exposure to materials. I have XBM and LIT on my list.
1. Is now a good time to start investing in materials?
2. Would you consider other ETFs/stocks (US or CAD) that must be held as a first step investing in materials?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on February 21, 2024
Q: Portfolio Analytics indicates that across all accounts, we are underweight in the Basic Materials sector. The two stocks and CGL.C listed above are the only holdings in this sector. (CGL.C is a small holding. as it can be traded with zero commission)

Please suggest some additional Canadian and U.S. stocks in this sector to improve diversification, include reasonable entry points, and rank them in order of what to purchase first.

For a Canadian ETF, what is your opinion of XMA?

Please deduct as many credits as necessary.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on January 30, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
I would like your opinion on FMC. The stock is down significantly because one of the key product family is seeing patents expiry-diamides. It probably also moved lower with the rest of the agrobusiness sector-. Do you think it is a good time to take a small position in FMC. I am looking to a 3 to 5 years horizon.

I would also take position in one of the 3 other Cie listed -LIN, CTAS, KBL- due to the fact that I think these are 3 companies that could be fairly resilient in an economic downturn. How would you rank these choices in term of stability and capital appreciation potential ? Other suggestions are welcome!

Take the amount of credit necessary to answer my questions and sub questions!

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Michel on January 12, 2024
Q: Could i get your 2 favorite companies to buy right now ( 1 Cad and 1 US) in each of Consumer Cyclical, Utilities, and Materials. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Neil on January 04, 2024
Q: Good morning,

As a follow-up to David’s question in May about CRH becoming listed on a US exchange:
If I buy the current CRH adrs, do they become automatically converted to the US listed shares when the new listing becomes available? Just curious how that would work…

And can I get your current thoughts on the quality and valuation of this CRH? Is it a buy at this price? I’m looking to add to my only other materials stock, which is LIN.

Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Doris on July 18, 2023
Q: I would like to add to above existing positions.
I believe that CSU dropped enough to make it interesting after recent new highs. LIN looks like a steady large company with a good future. GEI has a nice dividend and good analyst reports.
Please give me your opinions on each.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on June 08, 2023
Q: I have no exposure to Materials or Utilities right now in our RRSP. All other sectors are well represented. What stocks would be your preferred in Canada and/or the US in those sectors? Thinking of NTR or SJ maybe in Canada and perhaps LIN in the US. Maybe FTS or BIP for utilities.Thoughts?
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 09, 2023
Q: Hello, Thank you for your answer to my question on adding to my rrsp stocks. Can I ask the same of my husband’s rrsp - in what order would you add new money to the listed 6 stocks?

Thank you, Doris
Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 20, 2023
Q: I am interested in stocks in the material sector, both US and Canada. Any ideas and suggestions?
Read Answer Asked by Joanne on June 03, 2022
Q: Eastman just had their earnings a few days ago. What do you think of the stock? Are there better opportunities in the sector, CDN or US? I have a small position in my RRSP, and was thinking of adding to it.

Thank you for all you do.
Read Answer Asked by Ed on May 04, 2022
Q: Hello 5i
Could you please provide me with the best Palladium and Neon play out there please? Please mention why you like the choice. Would it be better to side with Neon
as its supply from Mariupol and Odessa (Ingas and Cryoin) will be affected for a long time...or 37% of Pallidium comes from Russia and that will probably never come back to markets here. Or is there another element in chip manufacturing that you are thinking of?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Jeremy on March 18, 2022
Q: I have historically held my investments in mutual funds through a financial advisor. I subscribed to 5i Research approximately 3 years ago and made my first investments in equities and an ETF based primarily upon information obtained from 5i Research. The returns on VGRO ETF and my equities have been 2 to 4 times the gain for my mutual funds. I recently upgraded my subscription to include Portfolio Analytics. Based upon portfolio analytics, my current portfolio is reasonably well balanced with recommendations to add healthcare and industrials as well as some international exposure. I have cash on hand that I want to invest. I will hold my investments for the next 5 to 10 years. I am looking at purchasing some additional equities and an ETF with good growth potential at moderate risk. Please provide top 10 recommendations with rankings for stocks that I should consider adding to my portfolio. Please provide recommendations for top 5 ETFs with rankings that I should consider adding to my portfolio. What is your current view on VGRO? Would you suggest topping up my investment in VGRO?
Read Answer Asked by Don on December 06, 2021