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Q: Hi 5I. I have bought Gibson Energy around $21 a few times and within 6 months it gets up to $24/25 or more and I sell it. I see it as a safe risk/reward play. At sub $22 per share Gibson pays a 7 per cent plus dividend that I think is pretty safe (what is the current pay out ratio?) I am happy to collect a decent dividend and patiently wait for the stock to appreciate. If it languishes I am fine with the divvy. I don't see that much more downside to Gibson. A couple of years ago it did dip under $20 VERY briefly. What is your opinion on Gibson Energy as a safe place to park some money when it trades under $22?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 17, 2023

Q: Please recommend 5 CAN and 5 US companies who have good both P/E/G and P/FCF ratios. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dev on March 13, 2023
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