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Q: Which one of these companies would you prefer to go along with XGD for some gold exposure? Are there any hidden fees or costs associated with owning these names?What would you consider a reasonable portfolio percentage at this time? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Cory on February 26, 2020

Q: Here is a multi-part question regarding gold ETFs, please deduct as many credits as necessary:
1) If one were to choose one of the following gold ETFs to hedge their portfolio, which one would 5i recommend (or would you recommend another), and why? CGL.C, IGT, HUG, HGY. What is your opinion on the covered call strategy employed in HGY?
2) What is the difference between GLD and GLDM? What are the pros/cons of owning one versus the other?
3) How are gold ETFs taxed in Canada? Is there any taxable component that is payable even if the ETF is simply held and not sold?

Thank you very much!


Read Answer Asked by Walter on January 30, 2020

Q: Hi guys. In your opinion what is the best way in Canada to get some gold exposure? Would you buy a specific company Like AEM or WPM or just go with an etf like XGD?

Read Answer Asked by Ryan on January 22, 2020
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