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Q: The last question I asked (below) was about a name in CAD.
The answers were about ETFs in USD.
Thank you for providing names in CAD.
Could you please suggest a Gold bullion ETF in CAD - Not a "paper ETF" but an actual physical like PHYS? Thank you.


We would be fine with PHYS here. SGOL is another option, holding physical gold bars in Swiss vaults

Read Answer Asked by Genevieve on August 06, 2019

Q: I have 11% ZLU, 19% CDZ, 50% SDY, !% VWO, 15% VEA and 3% CGL in a RIF. I need to sell $12K from a RIF. Is there something you would recommend selling, or just move in kind?

Read Answer Asked by Wayne on January 07, 2019
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