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Q: Sold ATZ for tax loss. Is CROX a good proxy or would you recommend something else? Would you buy ATZ back later?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 16, 2022

Q: Given your recent answer regarding CROX, I had a look at the sector and noticed big moves yesterday. Also many of these are very near lows for the year. My question is would you put money to work in the sector now? Do you have a few favourites and is there an ETF that emphasizes this retail/clothing part of consumer discretionary as opposed to something like XLY which emphasizes very different segments? Thank-you again.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on April 19, 2022

Q: Hello, I am learning as I go, so maybe this is an uninformed question: if a stock that is traded on both the Canadian and U.S. market (e.g. FTS, AQN,BEPC), is purchased on the U.S. market, is that considered to be adding to my U.S. exposure? Is the exposure/allocation based on the market it is purchased in (CDN vs US) or is it based on the country that the company is located in as displayed in their profile details? My Canadian exposure is quite high right now, so i'm trying to learn to rebalance. thank you

Read Answer Asked by Brenda on April 11, 2022
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