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Q: Hi, Can you name a few companies say 3 Us and 3 canadian companies who have been prolific in creating value for their shareholders either by buying back shares/not increasing their share count while growing consistently. A small dividend if applicable but leaning more towards growth in earnings. Preferably with some sort of monopoly or advantage in their field. Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Shyam on February 19, 2020

Q: Could you provide me with a list of 5 or 6 companies that are buying back stock and that have good growth prospects. These could be in any sector and any exchange in Canada or the U.S. Thanks.


Read Answer Asked by Rob on February 06, 2020

Q: Hi,
Having held some cash aside, waiting for a pullback - I am now wondering which companies I should focus on purchasing first during the downturn? Obviously I am looking for those that are good, solid companies with growth potential. Dividends is nice feature, but not a requirement if the future prospects for the company are strong and debt is low or non existent. I do not currently have any REITs and only AQN in utilities, ENB in energy as I lean towards growth more than income and usually overweight in stronger sectors and industries. Please provide some suggestions, US or Cdn, that have caught your interest recently, as I always value your suggestions.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 03, 2020
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