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Q: Considering the new partnership/investment/bailout with the Government of Canada, How do you see this playing out ?
- I noticed Air Canada stock held up fairly well, considering the Government did the deal at a discount to current stock price.
- It looks like some smart advisers/consultants did the deal, however I am surprised that the stock did not drop more today...
- How the market interprets things these days is a bit confusing to me...
Good thing Vegas is opening up more..., because I want to bet Red on the Roulette wheel as a potential proxy for Air Canada at this point...

Read Answer Asked by michael on April 13, 2021

Q: Hello 5i Team,
Usually when a government bails out a company (Feds will own ~6%), it does not bode well for the said companies future. I know these are unique circumstances. Are you still comfortable with buying Air Canada? Or will AC go the way of bombardier (Zombie stock).

Have you heard if other airlines in Canada will be helped?

Thank You,

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on April 14, 2021
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