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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi. I'm currently over weight in Consumer Defensives (BYD, PBH & PRWM) and under weight in Industrials (WSP, TFII, STN & SIS).
I'm thinking of selling PRMW and buying EIF. Based on future prospects do you think this trade makes sense. I intend to hold for a few years. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 04, 2023
Q: hi, can I get your best CDN and US ideas in the industrials and healthcare sectors right now, for long term investment. cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on December 01, 2023
Q: Industrials 12% target allocation - what allocation do you advise? I have Full positions in WSP VRT and Partial Positions in ATS TFII HEI and AXON. Based on your advice, I would also like to have positions in URI HON TRI TIH HPS.A. Need to sort out what to own as Full and partial positions. Please rank for full and partial positions with entry prices for those not owned and what to drop from this list. I have a bias for serial acquierers along the lines of CSU.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 27, 2023
Q: Hi 5i, 95% of my rrsp account are in the above stocks , recently I trimmed technology to add BNS TFII QSR BN VFV , before it was very-highly tech oriented, now I'm looking to preserve capital and get a bit of dividends, Am I in the right track, looking to start withdrawing in the next 2 years, they all are between 8 to 12% of portfolio. Any suggestions for me. Grateful to 5i!
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on November 23, 2023
Q: This question has been asked many different ways and times. I am looking for 10 of your highest conviction, long term growth [5-10years] stocks - Canada or US, any sector - with target entry prices and short blurb on what distinguishes them.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 20, 2023
Q: My wife took early retirement with DB plan. Her RRSP and TFSA are well diversified. She has enough money to invest in about 10 companies. This money is not needed in foreseeable future. However, a small dividend is appreciated along with capital appreciation. It will be invested in a regular account. Can you please suggest top 12 companies.

Thanks inadvance
Read Answer Asked by Atchuta on November 20, 2023
Q: I have cash in my TFSA and am thinking the above stocks will experience tax loss selling pressure and I can add to my existing positions at attractive prices for long term holds.
Do you agree that these stocks will be subject to tax loss pressure and is now a good time to buy, wait a bit, or average in each week for the next month or so.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 14, 2023
Q: I have .85 and .79 % holdings respectively in the above 2 companies. The dividend yields are paltry so I'm thinking of consolidating them . Which of the two do you see with better growth potential or could you recommend 3 or 4 others with better growth opportunities irrespective of sector allocation with a dividend and without a dividend. I already hold CSU, LMN, TOI, TFII, GLXY, HPS.A
Thank -you
Read Answer Asked by JEFF on November 06, 2023
Q: What would consider as a good entry point for each of these and also a price target please.
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on November 02, 2023
Q: Could you please rank the above stocks for holding/purchase right now please? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Neil on October 24, 2023
Q: Follow up to question and response about providing reports at least every 12 months on companies that are in your portfolios. TFII was last formally reported upon back in April 2022. You responded it was 'flash' reported in February 2023. When I search reports for TFII, all that comes up is April 2022. Where is the flash report hiding? It should appear when a search is done. I'm sure customers would appreciate having all reports in one area.
Read Answer Asked on September 29, 2023