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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: The above 3 industrials have declined over the last 2 weeks between 5.6% and 14.6%.
For a long term hold do you consider now is a good time to step in and what is the current peg ration on each company.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on January 18, 2022

Q: I have these 2 in a TFSA, where the goal is to maximize growth. Do you see either as still having good growth ahead or are there other equities with more potential. If you still like the 2, which would you want your investment to go? FYI, currently about GSY @2.5.% weight and TFII @ 3.5%. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on January 12, 2022

Q: If you were to pick 2 0r 3 sectors that might outperform this year in the Canadian Market, what would they be ? Could you suggest 2 or 3 dividend payer in each of those sectors. Thanks so much. Don

Read Answer Asked by Don on January 06, 2022

Q: 1. out of the above stocks, which one or two (order of preference) should be transferred to a TFSA?
2. are all of these worth continuing to hold? (esp DOCU)

Read Answer Asked by Brenda on January 05, 2022

Q: On January 12/21 you picked TRI over TIH. Throwing TFII into the pot which would you pick now for steady growth with a 3 to 5 year hold? Would you please rank for the greatest capital gain and least volatility. Thank you and have a very merry Christmas.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 25, 2021

Q: Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd AAV-T
Ag Growth International Inc AFN-T
AGF Management Ltd Cl B NV AGF-B-T
Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp AQN-T
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc ATD-T
Arc Resources Ltd ARX-T
Aya Gold and Silver Inc AYA-T
Boralex Inc BLX-T
Bsr Real Estate Investment Trust HOM-U-T
CGI Group Inc Cl A Sv GIB-A-T
Converge Technology Solutions Corp CTS-T
Dollarama Inc DOL-T
Dream Industrial REIT DIR-UN-T
Goeasy Ltd GSY-T
Heroux-Devtek HRX-T
High Tide Inc HITI-X
Interrent Real Estate Investment Trust IIP-UN-T
K92 Mining Inc KNT-T
Northland Power Inc NPI-T
Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc QUIS-X
Rubicon Organics Inc ROMJ-X
Skeena Resources Ltd SKE-T
Telus Corp T-T
Tfi International Inc TFII-T
Toronto-Dominion Bank TD-T

Of the above stocks which 5 are likely to have the best performance potential for 2022

Read Answer Asked by Barrie on December 23, 2021

Q: I am putting together a list of stocks to purchase in my TFSA for a 10 year hold. I am a very conservative investor and want income and some growth from my TFSA.
What companies would you add or delete from this list? Should I include a few US names?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on December 21, 2021

Q: I would like to increase my industrial holdings, and wonder if you have a current favourite? (Canadian or US)

Read Answer Asked by Jim on December 17, 2021

Q: I do not have any positions in the Industrial sector and would like to initiate a purchase of a solid "Core Holding" security. Could you provide me with a US and Canadian selection for consideration. Looking for a solid performer with good fundamentals. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 16, 2021

Q: Are you aware of any companies like CSU that have a tight float and respect of shareholders and dont get killed in a market correction like some other public tech companies?


Read Answer Asked by blake on December 15, 2021

Q: So I looked at my returns at the end of July and my TFSA was up 39% in 7 months. I'd have taken that as a decent return over 48 to 60 months. So early this week before the DnD acquisition and the Nuvei short report I sold DCBO, DnD, LSPD , because my 39% return was nullified. My thought was to add 3 of the 4 TOI,TSU,TFII,or TCN . Should I add 3 of the 4 and top up KXS and GSY in the new year or add all 4 of the T's?

Read Answer Asked by David on December 14, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

In this downtrend market could you please give your three best stocks to buy for 3 to 5 years hold in each sector in canada and US as well ?
Thank you for your best advise on this platform.


Read Answer Asked by kaushikbhai on December 10, 2021

Q: Hi 5I
I have $180,000 split evenly amongst above companies in RRSP. I was going to begin withdrawing $10,000 every year and am looking for strategy to draw down to maximize growth of account. Is there a ranking of companies to sell first, or take a bit from each? I like them all so tough call for me. Appreciate all your advice since my initial membership in 5I.

Read Answer Asked by Craig on December 08, 2021

Q: Looking forward to 2022 I think there is a recession coming at us. (Personal Opinion). Looks to me that growth companies are going to continue to face severe headwinds. I also think industrials, financials, energy, and health care will be the sectors that will start to outperform others. Of course I'm open to debate regarding my choices and welcome your opinions. However, I would appreciate 3 or 4 examples of companies that you believe are set up to outperform in these sectors. If I've missed any sector please feel free to add your ideas. Thanks for your valued suggestions.

Read Answer Asked by Les on December 06, 2021

Q: I have historically held my investments in mutual funds through a financial advisor. I subscribed to 5i Research approximately 3 years ago and made my first investments in equities and an ETF based primarily upon information obtained from 5i Research. The returns on VGRO ETF and my equities have been 2 to 4 times the gain for my mutual funds. I recently upgraded my subscription to include Portfolio Analytics. Based upon portfolio analytics, my current portfolio is reasonably well balanced with recommendations to add healthcare and industrials as well as some international exposure. I have cash on hand that I want to invest. I will hold my investments for the next 5 to 10 years. I am looking at purchasing some additional equities and an ETF with good growth potential at moderate risk. Please provide top 10 recommendations with rankings for stocks that I should consider adding to my portfolio. Please provide recommendations for top 5 ETFs with rankings that I should consider adding to my portfolio. What is your current view on VGRO? Would you suggest topping up my investment in VGRO?

Read Answer Asked by Don on December 06, 2021