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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi, Transports got hit hard ( Fedex results and general market sell off?) on Friday, pulling TFII and ATS with it, down 3% and 4%, respectively to $159 and $54. Do you continue to believe these two companies to be your favorites in the sector ( besides CNR/CP ) ? If so, is it a decent price level to accumulate/add to our very small 0.50% position in each company or you would prefer to wait ? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 20, 2023

Q: Good morning 5i
Anything you say about what to add to a tfsa is interesting. This morning you responded to just that question and suggested, amongst others, tfii. You said you would add in the hopes of an upturn. As i look at the chart, though, i see that it has been rising quite well, already. Are you expecting a big move here? I ask because I have such good profits from it that i have been thinking about using it for charitable giving. If you think there is a particularly bright future for it, though, i may hold off.

I was also a bit surprised that you didnít include Boyd. I know thatyou canít include everything, of course. But i thought that you are positive on it. What would be the reason for not including Boyd in this group?
Thanks for the excellent service

Read Answer Asked by joseph on March 08, 2023

Q: If you were setting up a TFSA with CAD equities only, what five stocks do you recommend ranked by order you would purchase. If you could give a brief reason as to why you recommended each equity, that would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by David on March 07, 2023

Q: Thanks Peter and Ryan for getting us through these difficult times. I'm looking for some future growth potential stocks with a 10+ year timeline horizon, who would be some of your picks who have the right team and vision in place for growth?


Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 01, 2023

Q: Hello, we need to increase our weighting in Industrials, with current holdings mostly CNR (5%). Based on various BNN guests views and as finetuned with 5i recommendations, we have shortlisted these 3 names and the intention is to build at least 3% weighting, in each or all of these names. Could you please rank them based on your conviction. Also, would appreciate it if you could also provide a decent entry level as well as an Excellent Buy price. Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 01, 2023

Q: Looking for two or three of your favourite industrial companies as Iím low in this sector.
Looking for good management, good valuation compared to peers, a dividend, and hopefully some growth. Please rank best 1st. For 5+ year hold. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 16, 2023

Q: About 2 weeks ago, Adam asked a question and 5i answered, as follows:

Q. Would now be a time to review ones stock holdings, maybe raise some cash in anticipation of slight pull back or considering a pause in rate hikes, would you go all in with growth stocks?

A. We think it is too early to go all in on growth or add risks. While we think the overall outlook is positive, there are still plenty of challenges. .....We still wouldn't time the market with a cash call.....When doing a review, however, we would still focus on the fundamentals rather than the stock movements. We think high-quality growth stocks look good, and there is no need to keep or layer on extra risk when solid companies still remain cheap even after recent moves.

Two questions from me:

1. Two weeks is a mere blip in the investment time horizon, nonetheless with a bit of news (interest rate + market response, some earnings releases, etc,) do you have any further thoughts about the overall outlook for adding cash or more of a tilt to growth?

2. Can you list 10 high - quality growth names (Cdn or US) that fit your desired fundamental profiles, contemplated by your answer to Adam?

Many thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on February 10, 2023

Q: Hi there,

CSU and BYD are probably the 2 best stocks over the last decade. Both have strong similarities also. If you were to pick a few stocks today that show similar promise, what would they be? Are there any future CSU and BYDs out there?


Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 09, 2023

Q: between these 4 names which one would you think would have a greater gain in 3 to 5 years and safer as well please because it is going in to my rrsp contribution for 2022 tax season. Thank you like alway's

Read Answer Asked by wilson on February 06, 2023

Q: Hi, TFI seems to have made a sharp move up recently and is now at all time highs after being range bound for the last year with a few buying dips sprinkled in. I donít see any catalyst for this sudden move. No news recently and earnings are not out until Feb 6. I was comfortable buying in the 130ís but not so now. Is there a price range you would be comfortable with? Looking for your opinion. Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on February 03, 2023

Q: Hi please name 5 top growth stocks with high earning increase . Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on February 01, 2023

Q: Should one be concerned that Alain Bedard holds all 3 positions of Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. While one cannot deny that he has been very successful over the years, my concern is about governance. I also wonder about succession plans as this looks like a one man show. Please tell me why this should ( or should not) concern me enough not buy the stock. Thanks. Derek.

Read Answer Asked by Derek on February 01, 2023

Q: So I have added BN and GSY as more growth orientated stocks to my conservative ( banks, utilities, telecom, reits ) non registered account and now looking to add two of these seven names to the mix. Which look the most attractive regarding valuation, balance sheet and growth and why ? Thanks. Derek

Read Answer Asked by Derek on January 27, 2023