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Q: During the recent short run up these were up a lot: UPST was up 75%, CELH was up 22%, AFRM was up 70%, ARKW up 15%. They have not fallen back as much as others with this big drop in NASDAQ May 18. Should I be adding to them? They seem to outpace most of the other ones. Reading Seeking Alpha, GOOGLE's account in Russia was frozen and indicated they were going bankrupt in Russia and moving out of there. Doing a lot of research, I come across Jeff Brown (Micro chip expert) you probably are aware of him - and he said a Dutch company (I have heard of it before ASML - price is about $630) said this would be the number 1 chip stock for the next many years. More than one answer would be helpful for the above questions. I realize it may cost an extra credit or 2 for this. Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on May 19, 2022

Q: Moving money from a poor performer to a better performer, talking about AFRM and U - both I could not find in your database when I tried to search them. I was going to move them to more better performers in the case of CRWD and NVDA. That should be a better place. I am north of 70 so waiting 5 years for these 2 to recover may not be an option here. Another 2 that one day they are up 10% and the next day they are down 10% - CELH and UPST. Are there any issues that have surfaced lately about the four mentioned securities thanks

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 14, 2022

Q: In line w/ sentiments expressed in the latest market update (thank you for that), would you put any of these names in the "likely beyond repair column"? Or do they all fall firmly in the "damaged but not broken" column?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 08, 2022
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