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Q: At present What would be your top six stocks to buy for a 90,000$ TFSA contribution for sustainable growth.Any suggestions as to how to stage the purchase.?
Thank you for your remarkable service,Andrew
Read Answer Asked by ANDREW on April 18, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
Just a quick follow up on Marco's question concerning Celsius.
Was there anything released in the March 15th update that is having an impact on Celsius's contraction. Something along the lines of giving over to Pepsi Co some earnings?
In the Globe and Mail there was massive insider selling, up to that announcement in March. Was that a coincidence?
What is the current short position on Celsius? How has this changed over the last three months? Is this short position high or low for a company with a market cap of $17B usd?
I know you'd rather we 5i'ers not buy/sell or grow positions around earnings; however, if something significant has changed, should we wait and see what Celsius reports to get more details on the expansion with Pepsi co and how that will impact Celsius's bottom line (Earnings rather than Revenue)?
Read Answer Asked by Kat on April 16, 2024
Q: I would like to put some money to use. I have put the above list together. Can you rank which ones you would purchase from 1st to last?

Read Answer Asked by sean on April 16, 2024
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