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Q: As a CMMC shareholder I am interested in your comments on the takeover by HBM. I am down on CMMC but it was my only copper investment and I was holding for a copper recovery. Do you think it best to stick with HBM or sell and buy another copper stock such as Capstone?
Read Answer Asked by Ken on April 13, 2023
Q: Copper Mountain Mining had a miserable time mining the last few quarters, that reduced tonnes mined, grades down, costs up and cost per lb of copper produced way up. But they have had success in selling their exploration property in Australia ( sold to Harming Gold for $170 plus another possible $60 in the future.) That brings CMMC net debt down to a low level but it makes them a single mine mining company albeit in a Tier 1 mining district. They also have new CEO stepping in on April 24 and Mr. Merrin seems to have good experience (HBM, Gold Corp, diamond mining). So the last few quarters for CMMC have been disasters, but what about the future? Earnings come out soon and I don't expect them to be great but maybe it will be the last of stinky earnings. What is your take on this single asset Canadian copper miner? Do you think the incoming CEO is the right guy to turn this miner around? I only want a copper miner in my portfolio that does okay with lower copper prices and if copper does shoot up then it does even better.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 13, 2023
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