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Q: hi,
thank you for, and this question is in reference to, the answer to the "baby Mag 7" question a few days ago by "JR". are you able to do a short analysis of these 7, compared to the "adult" Mag 7 in regards current and future valuation, growth, debt/equity metrics. further, do you have any guess on the timeline of googl/meta etc.'s development/utilization of their own AI chips in house?
take as many points off as needed, this question seems like a bad homework assignment to me!
thanks Chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on January 30, 2024
Q: Hello 5i,

We have a full position in VGT and 1/2 position in BRK.B in an RRSP and NVDA, AMD, and Google in our TFSA's.

Do you see reduced growth in the VGT & BRK.B ETF's with AAPL downgrades and a possibility of consolidation of MSFT this year after stellar 2023 numbers?

Would you swap VGT or BRK.B to another ETF for 2024 or just let it ride?

Thank you for your advice

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on January 16, 2024
Q: Hi Peter,

From a risk-return perspective over the next five years, which is the better investment option? Purchasing an equal weighted investment in the magnificent seven, SPY, or QQQ? Please explain your rationale.

Thanks George
Read Answer Asked by George on December 23, 2023
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