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Q: Greetings,

I know 5i isnít a fan of averaging down and while it is a strategy that has worked well for me in the past, initiating positions / timing hasnít worked in my favour and I tend to buy the peaks. Hence the DCA strategy working for me I guess in lowering the average share price and eventually seeing some reasonable returns. Of course it tends to lead to overweight positions which I trim back. Examples are BA and vermillion.

Now here I am again in a situation. Holding ABX and BTO and down about 25%. Even so I am VERY comfortable with these 2 companies in my portfolio and I see them as complimentary to each other. I donít see shifting way from them as I feel comfortable even being down 25%. However I am looking to DCA these 2 and bring my total gold exposure in my portfolio up from 7% to 10%. I have no other precious metals exposure. As I am aware 5i tends to be comfortable with 10% total sector position.

Could you weigh in on the narrative in general, address timing of purchases (as 5i tends to like a company and be ďcomfortable buying hereĒ and seems indifferent of timing), DCA strategy, and advise of your opinion on these 2 companies, strengths, weaknesses, expectations.

Deduct as needed as my credit burn is quite slow.

Cheers and thanks for all the great advice! You have made a big difference. 🙂

Read Answer Asked by Duane on April 09, 2021

Q: Hi 5i team. Iím trying to decide on investing in KL or ABX for a bit of gold exposure. Could you give me your thoughts and feedback on their current state and future outlook to compare? Would these be good choices or do you recommend/prefer others in this group? Why? And could you rank them in order of strength in their ability to produce profits moving forward.

Read Answer Asked by Sylvain on April 08, 2021
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