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Q: I have capital gains from early in 2022 that can be offset by capital losses. I have losses in the following stocks. Of these pairs which would you sell to offset the gains? UCTT or ASML; CRWD or MAGT; SLF or BNS or POW.

Read Answer Asked by Ken on November 14, 2022

Q: Guys...I have some room in my portfolio for a few high risk, high reward stocks. Can you give me one or two from Canada and the U.S. that you like currently...this is long term money...preferably something small cap. completely beaten up but that will likely still be around in 5 years....thanks for all you do.

Read Answer Asked by dan on October 21, 2022

Q: Hi 5i Team - I hold the above stocks in three small U.S. accounts. I plan to keep NVDA, QCOM, AMZN, GOOG. My holdings in the other six are minimal due to the general sell-off over the past year: CRWD, UCTT, U, APPS, ROKU, UPST. I would like to combine these 6 into two, three at the maximum. Could you suggest which two or three should be kept. Or might it be best to sell all six and start over with a couple of different ones. My investment focus is growth with a three year timeline. Since it's the end of the week the answer can wait until sometime next week.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on October 16, 2022
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