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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I keep seeing CRWD come up as a good growth holding. I own the holdings mentioned earlier today in the 3 Cdn and 3 US growth recommendations, with the exception of CRWD. I'd have to sell something to buy it and own both UCTT and ICHR. I am wondering if there is some overlap between these two and whether selling one to buy CRWD is a good move - and if so, which one would be the better sell. If not, looking at CRWD peers, I also own PLTR. Would CRWD be a better growth holding than PLTR and warrant a switch?

Read Answer Asked by Kim on July 28, 2021

Q: when can we expect to receive the cash after the sale of Photon, and what do you suggest to replace it. thanks, Jean

Read Answer Asked by Jean on July 16, 2021

Q: I sold all the PHO stock in my TFSA account (5000 shares). I would like to replace it with a high growth stock. What is your suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by Joanne on July 16, 2021

Q: Good Morning 5i Team,

I'm trying to pair down the number of growth stocks I own. From this list, which two would you have the most confidence in for growth potential over the next three years and which two the least. Thanks very much.


Read Answer Asked by Bradley on July 09, 2021

Q: Which stock i.e MKSI, UCTT, or ICHR would be a good replacement for PHO, with the similar characteristics of growth, risk, etc. If you have other preferences, please list them also with similar growth and risk.
Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on July 05, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team - Would you be able to provide a summary of resources/materials needed in the semi-conductor space. Out of these are there any that would stand out as being particularly important. And finally are there any companies, Canadian or American, that have a good track record of providing any of these resources/materials.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on June 30, 2021

Q: I'm down on both of these (which I'm fine with), but wondering if you still see potential in them as the higher risk higher reward portion of my portfolio. If not, what would you suggest as replacements for a 3-5 yr outlook?

Read Answer Asked by Rick on June 16, 2021

Q: I am participating in a fun challenge at work wherein all staff get $100,000 of play money to invest in stocks June 30, 2021. The "portfolios" will all be valued September 30, 2021 and the three highest value portfolios win a small prize. I know this is nothing more than a crap shoot, but can you recommend a few (I'm thinking 5 or less) stocks that might run during that period?

Read Answer Asked by Ward on June 15, 2021

Q: This one looks like a great pick - thank you for bringing it to my attention. It looks like it has nice growing earnings and yet appears to be cheap when looking at some basic metrics. What is the risk on this one? Is this a case of the market not picking up on the value or is there a reason why it is cheap? I once bought research in motion instead of apple because it looked cheaper. Hence I stopped looking at the cheapness factor awhile ago. Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on June 10, 2021

Q: Just thoughts...First background -  I have an income, balance and growth portfolio that's invested in trade, TFSA and LIRA accounts...all similar to 5iR's...and also a US balance portfolio with a definite growth tilt...and I like to stay within the portfolio framework, aka add to existing stock positions which now total 100 positions. With cash on hand, I'm muddled about what to invest in, aka Cdn and US stocks?And here is the tug...there seems to be many other good stocks but from my reading of 5iR, it's better to stay with the ones you have or totally drop the existing position and move onto a new position. With that in mind, what are the Cdn 5iR positions would you suggest are a buy today or watch it for a buy? When it comes to the US, the draw for me today is to add to existing positions 'cause of the strength of the Loonie and the expectation that it will decline over the next few years relative to the Green Back. What would you suggest are US stock buys now for a longer term hold, like 5+ years. Thanks for the assistance.....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on May 28, 2021

Q: Help with Business 101 please. It seems counter intuitive that Nvidia is altering their chips so they’re less desirable for mining crypto currency? I understand crypto is a volatile market and Nvidia previously got caught with too much supply. But overall if 2 customers are willing to pay the same for a product, why would the company show a preference towards one buyer over another?
Also, regarding the chip shortage, I thought Nvidia produced chips but it sounds like they’ll be caught up in the shortage. What type of companies will benefit from the chip shortage if any? Thank you for providing this valuable service!

Read Answer Asked by Steven on May 27, 2021

Q: When does the deal close? By when do you think better bids could appear?
(to replace PHO - what do you suggest?)
Also what semi play do you like? Do you like the manufacturers? Do you have a prefered play there?


Read Answer Asked by Mark on May 26, 2021