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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have a handful of smaller position stocks that have not done well and that I believe I should high grade. Which ones you would recommend moving on from?

Read Answer Asked by Jonathan on February 27, 2023
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I own the above noted stocks as a smaller portion of my portfolio of higher risk names. All of these names are down other than CTS. Do you see any of these names as ones that I should sell as part of a portfolio clean up?

Thanks in advance,
Read Answer Asked by Jonathan on November 16, 2022
Q: Hi Team. I have taxable losses in CSV (-36.5%) and UCTT (-53.9%) I am thinking of selling them and replacing CSV with PLC ( I appreciate the later is C$) and UCTT with MKSI. The switch depends on whether the substitutes have similar expectations going forward. The alternative is to simply sell CSV and UCTT and wait 30 days to buy them back. Which strategy do you think makes more sense at the present time?
Read Answer Asked by Ken on October 13, 2022
Q: Hi,

Can you give 5 small and midcap stocks US and Canadian that fits the category "that have purely domestic revenues and don't have to worry about recessions" as mentioned in your article in National post.

Read Answer Asked by sunday on September 14, 2022
Q: Hi Iím a long term investor, and currently very heavy on Tech. Iím currently searching for a non tech name for an RRSP for a long term hold. Iím more focused on growth as I have time on my hands. Outside of tech, I hold ATZ, HON, BAM, GSY, SQ, COST. Can you please list your top 10 favourite US companies?

Thanks for everything
Read Answer Asked by Nick on June 09, 2022
Q: I find myself In a losing position in Paypal for the second time this year, currently down 35%. I had previously taken a loss in it a few months prior.
I was considering writing it off as a loss, once more. I would use the proceeds to add to losing positions in the following: CSV/RCII/CCS.
Is this a sound idea? If you deem it to be, which of the aforementioned holding would you add to currently? Please rank if possible.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by karim on February 14, 2022
Q: hi, just looking for clarification to Ricks's question on Feb funeral services related.
You mentioned CCS in your answer...but this is a construction company. Did you mean either of SCI or CSV and your answer was a typo for CCS?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on February 09, 2022
Q: On December 13th, Keith asked you to recommend your top 10 US non tech growth equities. May you rank the 10 in order of compelling buys at todayís prices.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by karim on December 22, 2021
Q: What are your top 10 non-tech growth stocks in the US that you see currently see as attractive long term? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 13, 2021