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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am down 20 to 40 % on these equities.
I am considering harvesting a loss and moving to other names in their respective sectors. Please assess by my plan and provide any necessary input.
Swap LULU for CROX
Swap ADBE for CRM
Swap RCII for DKNG - I am less convinced it this third swap.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by karim on March 02, 2022
Q: I find myself In a losing position in Paypal for the second time this year, currently down 35%. I had previously taken a loss in it a few months prior.
I was considering writing it off as a loss, once more. I would use the proceeds to add to losing positions in the following: CSV/RCII/CCS.
Is this a sound idea? If you deem it to be, which of the aforementioned holding would you add to currently? Please rank if possible.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by karim on February 14, 2022
Q: Favorite (hammered) growth stock that pays a divy? Bit of bottom-fishing for a long term hold. Thanks Ron
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on January 20, 2022
Q: On December 13th, Keith asked you to recommend your top 10 US non tech growth equities. May you rank the 10 in order of compelling buys at today’s prices.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by karim on December 22, 2021
Q: I know that Peter would not characterize himself as as a “Value” investor, but some recent articles have indicated conditions (interest rates, inflation, growth or lack of) may be setting up for an outperformance for value stocks. If that thesis turned out to have validity, can you give me an idea of what your Value Portfolio might look like? If you could choose some from different sectors, and throw in a few US choices, so much the better. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on October 04, 2021
Q: looking for growth companies over the next 1-2 years. Could you pls select the top five and place in order of rank
Read Answer Asked by Howie on September 09, 2021
Q: MELI seems to have lost its mojo and I'm looking a stock to complement my tech strong portfolio.

Do you think finances are a good recovery play? Do you like BAC as a finance play?

What sectors companies do you like?

2020 was good to me as i was all in tech.
Time to broaden my selection.
Thanks for all your support.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on April 09, 2021
Q: The next big move by Biden is Infrastructure . What are areas that will benefit and what Companies would you recommend. ?
Steel, cement, lumber, copper, machinery . Are there companies that rent machinery.? It is rumoured that up to $5 billion will be spent. What Construction companies will benefit. Thanks 5 I RAK.
Read Answer Asked by bob on March 15, 2021
Q: Hi Peter,

I had asked a couple of questions the other day but got a reply to just one of them so I will ask again.
For the US, I own two ETFs; ZSP (8%) and FTEC (8%). I have USD to add another 20% to the US part of my portfolio and would like 7-8 names to add on the current market weakness/rotation. I would appreciate if you could recommend a few stocks for growth 5-10 years at least, don't need dividends, medium to high risk. These names would be in my RRSP and margin account and buyable at current prices.
Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by K on March 01, 2021
Q: I realize that you ( much like I ) are growth investors. However I’d like to play the risk on trade and am looking for 5 beaten down US value names that would have good bounce back potential. Can you rank your choices? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by karim on December 09, 2020