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Q: Hi,
You may have seen an article in The Globe about KSS. It linked Stephen Harper chaired Hedge fund with a connection to Carl Ichan's protege and such. It is trading around 26 USD. It apparently rejected an offer of 64$. They wanted 70 $ which didn't materialize. I scanned the Q&A section and I don't see anything recently.

There seems to be a decent risk reward trade here.

What is the downside risk and if not KSS what are your other choices? Do you think KSS will be taken over by Stephen Harper's Hedge fund? Your guess is a lot better than mine!!

Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on February 08, 2024
Q: We know from recent reports of grid failures during extreme low and high temperatures that North American electrical infrastructure is inadequate to meet our rapidly growing requirements for electrification.

My questions are:
- will governments re-design, regulate and install new infrastructure in partnerships with private sector/s? (what could possibly go wrong?)
- what exactly constitutes the grid (the components)?
- what companies or types of companies will provide the designs and components for the transitions in Canada and the US?
- are there any obvious stock picks that 5i can recommend at this point?

I realize that this topic falls somewhat into speculation and opinion at this point. I am looking for best thoughts from 5i - not necessarily definitive answers. Maybe 5i would consider producing ongoing articles and references on grid revitalization as we move forward.

Read Answer Asked by Heather on January 23, 2024
Q: For industrials, currently hold TFII, ATS, TRI. In that order of weighting. Also have WSP, NVEE, AXON on my watchlist.

I'm happy just sticking with 3, but 5-6 is great if they may improve my performance or diversification (if the new companies are similar quality).

If it was you, would you add more to the 3 holdings, or add one of the others? How would you rank the 6 names as far as quality and resiliance of the companies go?
Read Answer Asked by Kel on October 10, 2023
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