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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Please name 5 companies in the USA and Canada that you think the market has punished unfairly in this tech sell off. Aggressive names with compelling fundamentals and huge growth opportunities would be the focus regardless of sector with a nod to companies with a 10 billion market cap or less. These would be companies in which the downside is fully priced in but nobody is giving them any credit for projected growth (and you believe that growth potential is substantial). If you could then pick your favourite from these in the US and Canada and add one sentence as to why I would be most appreciative!

Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 14, 2021

Q: This is my margin portfolio, all position weightings are between 3%-5%.

The projected yield is 3.31% with a 3-5 year hold.

I realize 24 positions is a bit overkill but I can't seem to choose which to remove, which would you recommend?

What positions would you add to the portfolio?

Take as many credits as needed.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 26, 2021

Q: Hi.
The list of stocks makeís up my overall portfolio. Last month, during the sell off, my portfolio was down ~40% and started recovering slightly and lost steam again since late last week.
I donít have any intentions to sell in the short term and I will prefer to hold for minimum the next 3-5 years.
Looking at the list of my holdings, do you feel there is any stock that should not be there?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on April 21, 2021

Q: Top 5 CDN and top 5 US small caps gauged on anticipated growth with 5-year minimum hold, ranked in one list, 1st-10th.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Ian on April 19, 2021

Q: Hi ,
With wild swings up and down with high growth tech stocks, its my opinion that nothing has changed other than their markets caps and the price. In some cases they have even become cheaper then they were, EV/sales etc. I decided to hold on to my high growth stocks as the "underlying business" fundamentals have not changed. In some cases, they have even got better.
My portfolio is down roughly 40%, which i would consider quite normal during a pullback of this sorts.
Would you agree with my thinking ?

Read Answer Asked by ilie on March 26, 2021

Q: My stocks and losses are below. You indicated that the rise in rates was causing the selloff. If rates just keep rising, do you think these stocks will keep dropping?
Are these stocks healthy enough to rebound? Your views much appreciated.

US:NIO -48.31%
US:U -41.66%
KXS -21.42%
US:RDFN -21.04%
US:CRWD -19.50%
US:CELH -12.98%

Read Answer Asked by TOM on March 08, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

I had asked a couple of questions the other day but got a reply to just one of them so I will ask again.
For the US, I own two ETFs; ZSP (8%) and FTEC (8%). I have USD to add another 20% to the US part of my portfolio and would like 7-8 names to add on the current market weakness/rotation. I would appreciate if you could recommend a few stocks for growth 5-10 years at least, don't need dividends, medium to high risk. These names would be in my RRSP and margin account and buyable at current prices.
Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by K on March 01, 2021

Q: Unity software was recommended earlier this year as one of your top US growth stocks. It is now down over 40% from itís high. Iíve been watching but never bought. Would you still rate this as one of your top US growth stocks. And with the recent pull back what would be your top US growth stocks currently.
Iím a long term member and thank you for getting me into numerous growth stocks since 2014 which I would never have bought and which provided handsome returns. So many thanks for being there for us little guys.


Read Answer Asked by Steve on February 24, 2021

Q: Peter; What would be an example/s of ď InnovationĒ companies? Thanks. Rod

Read Answer Asked by Rodney on February 23, 2021

Q: I have decided to exit all large cap stocks and move down the market cap range.
Please list your 5 most compelling US small caps for an agressive investor, irrespective of sector.
These would be to complement my current small cap holdings. If you feel any of the below holdings can be added to, please advise.

Thank you for your excellent service. I have made a small fortune with 5i

Read Answer Asked by karim on February 09, 2021