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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm down ~15-20% on these names and contemplating a tax loss swap.
For each of these, do you think there are suitable proxies or are they are hard to replace?
For FLNT in particular, I'm considering dumping it all together, so a similarly battered small-cap name you think will perform better will work as well.
Finally, when it comes to tax-loss selling, do you have a rule of thumb on the % down a name should be before it makes sense, or it's generally situation dependant?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 29, 2021

Q: HI there,

Two part question here. First, why is EXAS (in your opinion) being crushed so badly? It has fallen much more than GH. Something fundamentally wrong or one you would expect to bounce back hard and is thus worth adding to.

Secondly, would you suggest taking a 50% loss on EXAS to move to something like ABBV that pays a 7%+ dividend and seems safer? Jim Cramer advocates selling some stocks to move into more premium stocks that are also down and I'm wondering if this would be an example.

Please feel free to take 2 credits and provide complete answers to each part.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on March 19, 2020

Q: Hi there. It seems like in this Coronavirus hysteria nobody is excited about testing or treating cancer based on the trading of Guardant and Exact sciences. Do you like the current levels as a nice entry point for a speculative and long term position in each? It seems oversold unless I am missing a fundamental problem. To put a sharp point on the question, are they good buys today?


Read Answer Asked by Tim on March 04, 2020

Q: Hi there,

I have a fairly heavy weighting of SIS that is about break even. I'm tiring of waiting for it and wonder what your advice would be on selling SIS to establish 3 equal weighted positions in VRTX, EXAS and ISRG? My thinking is I like the medical exposure and they are nicely diversified. Do you like this move and would you choose these 3 companies or suggest an alternative?


Read Answer Asked by Tim on January 07, 2020

Q: Can you recommend 8-10 small -mid cap USA stocks with high growth potential, good to excellent balance sheets that your team at 5i would own or do own and consider a long term buy. Can be from any sectors. Please exclude the following names, as these are currently already owned: BOX, FLIR, ANET, TEAM, GRUB, LLL, CGNX, ALGN

Read Answer Asked by Aaron on June 06, 2018

Q: Hi 5i,
Looking to increase US exposure to healthcare stocks and narrowed down to EXAS, , NVRO, NUVA and ABAX. In your opinion which companies offer healthy growth in short to long term and given a choice which 2 companies would you pick based on forward P/E, PEG and price momentum? Thanks so much.

Read Answer Asked by Sean on January 15, 2018