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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i,

Amongst other pricey cybersecurity companies, CHKP seems very reasonably valued. It it 'cheap for a reason', or is it a solid stock to pick up now?

Also, do you still like RPD after its recent report?

Is there anything else (besides CRWD) that you prefer in this space?


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on May 11, 2022

Q: Good morning. Would you please send out a few names in the Cyberspace security space and ones that are both in Canada and the US.

Thank you. Appreciate all your time and attention. Stay well and warm

Read Answer Asked by Marla on January 25, 2022

Q: Cybersecurity Question: Morningstar Canada suggests these three equities as candidates in the expanding cybersecurity sector. Your comments on these, please. Are there ETFs with similar sector exposure, but with more diversification?
1. CHKP - Checkpoint Software
2. OKTA - Okta
3. PANW - Palo Alto Networks

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by John on August 13, 2021

Q: I am looking into Cyber security companies like Crowdstrike, Palo Alto, Fireeye and Fortinet. How would you rate these companies or are there other companies you prefer.

Read Answer Asked by Joanne on July 08, 2021

Q: Hello,with all the recent cyber attacks,and probably even more in the future is there any Cdn companies or more likely U.S. companies that could possibly see more business as this problem will not go away.Are their any you would endorse and why...thanks so much and have a great day.

Read Answer Asked by Greg on June 01, 2021

Q: I'm down ~15-20% on these names and contemplating a tax loss swap.
For each of these, do you think there are suitable proxies or are they are hard to replace?
For FLNT in particular, I'm considering dumping it all together, so a similarly battered small-cap name you think will perform better will work as well.
Finally, when it comes to tax-loss selling, do you have a rule of thumb on the % down a name should be before it makes sense, or it's generally situation dependant?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 29, 2021

Q: I would appreciate your outlook for CHKP. I thought that the last qtr was decent with revenue, EPS, and earnings up somewhat. Nevertheless the share price seems stagnant since July. The P/E is quite low for this industry which suggests that the market is not expecting much growth. I was expecting that the "working from home" and "virtual learning" phenomena would be tailwinds. Since the company doesn't pay a dividend, if the price isn't going to grow, I should move on.
I look forward to your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on December 01, 2020

Q: Hello Peter & Team,

We're all aware over the past 9 months since the Pandemic became part of our every day life, on-line shopping has really taken off.

I am thinking Cyber Security is going to have to follow suit considering how much money is travelling through the internet. Do you agree this industry should see a considerable increase in opportunities & growth in the coming years? And if so, which companies would you suggest we take a look at if we want exposure to cyber security.

Thanks for all you do.


Read Answer Asked by Gord on October 20, 2020

Q: In the cyber security space how would you rank these names. Please, add to this list if you have other favorites.
Your insight is much appreciated, Peter

Read Answer Asked by Peter on July 27, 2020

Q: Hi , as you mentioned future trend of people staying home and work and boss wants to monitor work. Would you suggest companies that involve in this ? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on May 20, 2020

Q: This is for my wife's RRSP, she is now 70 and will soon have to start withdrawing. Have recently sold J&J and have about 17K to re-invest. For the US portion of her portfolio she currently holds: AMTD; FB; AT&T; MSF. For stability (preservation of capital), some growth and growing dividends which of the above which you recommend without regard to sector. If you can suggest another or even two securities with better overall qualities that meet my requirements, I would appreciate your suggestion.

Read Answer Asked by Joseph on August 20, 2018

Q: Hi, please give me your thoughts on this microcap. The main product, MobiKEY, seems useful for data security and privacy. Do you see data security/privacy as an area for growth in light of the recent FB data issues? Any other names to watch or look at in a similar business? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Marco on August 14, 2018