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Review of Absolute Software

SEP 03, 2021 - The pandemic-driven growth and acquisition of NetMotion put ABST on track to double its F2020 revenue. While there will be short- to intermediate volatility, we think investors
have punished it too far. Rating maintained at B

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Q: Ever since I started investing roughly ten years ago, I've always enjoyed trying to identify companies that could become acquisition targets. Could you please name five companies (TSX only) that you believe have a high likelihood of being acquired or taken private in this current environment? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 12, 2022

Q: For the last two sessions ABST had huge price swings.What is the reason behind this?
I am trying to decide between ABST and SYZ for some growth potential and income.
Are the dividends safe here?as SYZ becomes a "growth"stock ,they might cut the dividend?
Which of the two stocks would you buy or any other potential stock here?
As a site note,you mentioned NNX in a post with Martello,was this a typo?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on March 22, 2022
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