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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I see the ZM trades at a decent valuation and has a fair bit of cash. P/B, P/S, and P/E are presently much cheaper than the past.
For a value investor, is ZM a decent investment? Morningstar labels is it with a Narrow moat, although it is rated a Hold. How competitive is the industry? With all that cash, could it not add on other areas of growth.
Technically it appears to have good support around $59.
Your thoughts?
Read Answer Asked by James on May 09, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have a handful of losers that I'm trying to decide what to do with. Using your crystal ball, which of these would you continue to hold and which would you dump?
Read Answer Asked by David on May 03, 2024
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I'm trying to clean up my US Portfolio so that I'm at 20-25 equities total. Please advise which 20-25 companies you would keep for a 5-10+ hold with balance/diversification but also some growth in mind.
Read Answer Asked by David on April 30, 2024
Q: I am currently in the negative on T, AMZN, TTD, TCN, NVEI, CPRX, ATZ, ENGH, LSPD, ABNB, WELL, BEP.UN, ROKU, ILMN, SE, PINS, and ZM. I have a 10+ year outlook, however would like to know based on the company and growth potential, what would you Sell or Hold? And if a Hold, please advise your perspective. Thanks!!
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on January 01, 2024
Q: Uber for quite some time has been stalling out in this $61.00 range. HPS has been stalling out in the $81.00 range. Could this go on for quite some time before it moves up, if it moves up? Meanwhile, on my radar 2 securities you are familiar with have been getting a lot of attention lately being ZM and SNAP. Would you recommend them? Wishing you the best of the season.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on December 22, 2023
Q: HI,
I need to raise some cash from my registered accounts in the next few weeks. What is your recommended sell order for these stocks?
Also, what are your top 3 Canadian and US recommended buys for a longterm hold?
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Camille on June 20, 2023
Q: Hi 5i team,

I have a growth and long term outlook and looking to trim some losers and replace with some winners. Of the following stocks, do you feel any need to hold for the long term? Also, what are some US/CAD replacements you would recommend and can you rank from highest to lowest based on overall strength?

Thanks 5i team.
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 29, 2023
Q: I have small positions in the above noted companies held in my TFSA. They are all underwater and so there is no tax advantage to selling these losers. I would like to sell some or all of them and either to one or more of them or move on to some small techs that have more prospects. Can you let me know which of these you would sell hold or add to. Thanks for your ongoing great advise.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 03, 2023
Q: Hello,

I have small positions in these 6 stocks, all in the red - MTCH, ROKU, GNRC are in registered accounts, RBLX, UPST, ZM in non-registered. I don't find it easy to sell any stocks but in the spirit of 'pulling weeds', can I get your opinion on which of these, if any, you would sell. Any that might be worth adding to at their current valuation?

Thank you for your insights, Doris
Read Answer Asked by Doris on February 23, 2023
Q: Over the past two years with the downturn of the market, I am down significantly with majority of these holdings in various accounts. I have a long-term 10+ year outlook, so looking to see if you feel any of these can be sold off given the outlook, management of the company? If so, what are your recommendations for a growth investor in either CAD/US stock options?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on January 04, 2023
Q: Hi Peter,

I am not a big fan of ARKK or Cathie Wood. On a year-to-date basis, ARKK has fallen more than 50%. But I am fascinated with Cathie’s all or nothing investment approach. ARKK invests in disruptive technology firms. Her high risk and high reward investment style reminds me of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in the movies Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick. You either reach Mach 10 or crash and burn!

My question for your team relates to ARKK’s top ten holdings: ZM, TSLA, ROKU, CRSP, EXAS, TDOC, PATH, NTLA, SQ, and BEAM. Which of these stocks have fallen sufficiently so that a high-risk investor can safely purchase them for a five-to-ten-year hold? Also, what is your ranking of these ten high tech disruptive companies? Living life in the “danger zone” has its attractions.


Read Answer Asked by George on July 14, 2022
Q: Hi,
I’m thinking of doing some tax loss selling. Can you suggest proxies for the following companies: Roku, Trade Desk, Twilio, Unity Software and Zoom Video.

Would you also be able to suggest an ETF that would serve as a proxie for all of them? I’m thinking of a high-growth-stock ETF like the SPYG.

Read Answer Asked by Camille on June 20, 2022
Q: Hi Peter

I have question regarding the following list of “fallen angels”. These ten stocks have achieved significant drops in valuation since Dec. 31, 2020. Can you please rank these “fallen angels” in terms of the best risk-return profile over a five-to-ten-year hold? Everyone likes a bargain! Sometimes it is possible to survive a falling knife particularly if you use tungsten as a shield!

We cannot all be superman!


Thanks George
Read Answer Asked by George on March 14, 2022
Q: Can you list your potential biggest January bouncers, maybe 5 Canada and 5 US for aggressive investors? Thx!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on December 22, 2021
Q: Both Zoom and Docusign stocks sold off after earnings were announced. I'm looking for a list of a half dozen stocks that shined during the panemic and the date that they will next report earnings.
Read Answer Asked by MATHEW on December 06, 2021
Q: I still think there is big potential for this stock, yet it still is not doing well. Despite their "Planned Innovations to Ignite the Next Era of Communications" which looks forward thinking to me, the market just doesn't seem interested.
Do you think it is still about, "Shares rotating from pandemic holders to longer term positions"? In your experience can you see this falling below $270-$250?

Thanks as always
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on September 15, 2021