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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello,

I have small positions in these 6 stocks, all in the red - MTCH, ROKU, GNRC are in registered accounts, RBLX, UPST, ZM in non-registered. I don't find it easy to sell any stocks but in the spirit of 'pulling weeds', can I get your opinion on which of these, if any, you would sell. Any that might be worth adding to at their current valuation?

Thank you for your insights, Doris
Read Answer Asked by Doris on February 23, 2023
Q: Hello,

I currently hold the above stocks in my RRSP and have some $ to add. Given current valuations and future growth, could you please rank how you would add new money? Fairly aggressive investor with long time frame. Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 19, 2023
Q: My portfolio analytics is showing that I'm a bit low in my communication services sector.

Beyond the obvious telecom companies, what are some of the less obvious companies or perhaps ETFs that would fit into this sector?

Also, including the telecoms, could you rank your top few Canadian and US buys for this sector.

Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on July 28, 2022
Q: I hold ATVI in my RRIF for long term income and growth. Assuming that the acquisition by MSFT closes, what would be your top three choices for consideration as replacements within the communication services sector?
Read Answer Asked by David on January 25, 2022
Q: Hi,

I currently own META and QCLN.
For long term hold, I'm thinking about switching these two into SMART stocks because they dropped more.

1) Do you think SMART stocks will outperform META and QCLN in the long term?
2) Do you think SMART stocks are cheap enough right now given almost 50% drops?

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Yongwei on January 24, 2022
Q: I have these companies in my high revenue portfolio. It has been performing well. In these changing times, I find myself switching to companies that have high revenue growth and will not be affected by closure. Any expert thoughts or input would be appreciated.

FRPT - Freshpet is not in your database.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on May 06, 2020
Q: From a risk profile point of view, please classify each of the above companies as:
Low risk, average risk, high risk or speculative. Charge as many questions as you feel appropriate.
Thanks. RAM
Read Answer Asked by Ray on May 05, 2020
Q: What are some of your favorite US growth names right now? I am a younger investor with some money to deploy. I have a 20+ year time horizon. I am not too worried about sector allocation due to having a defined benefits pension when I eventually retire (20+ years).

I am also wondering what US stocks 5i staff are currently buying and why.

Thanks for all your advice. I read the questions daily. Your support through these tough times (my first as an investor) has been beyond insightful and finding I am getting my financial education through your words of wisdom and advice. I keep speaking highly of you to my friends looking to get into investing and am encouraging they subscribe to your service as it is beyond exceptional.

Thanks for all that you all do! Hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these tough times.

Read Answer Asked by Justin on April 15, 2020
Q: I see you made recent comments on Match group. I'm interested and it looks very strong fundamentally (pre covid), very high roic, roe. But debt looked like it could be pretty high and CEO sold a large chunk of shares last month. Can you comment on its financial situation and would you have concerns with it making it through some negative quarters?
Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 08, 2020
Q: Prof Galloway (pivot/section4/etc) talks a lot about unregulated monopolies, are there any companies that you would recommend (outside of the traditional faang names) that might be able to grow into this category? (canada or us)

Read Answer Asked by dan on March 02, 2020
Q: I have a small US account and am looking to add a couple of companies to it. I realize that you do not provide extensive coverage of US stocks but would it be possible to recommend a few small to mid cap growth companies with a one to three year time horizon. Sector and volatility are not factors. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on September 10, 2019