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Q: Peter,

Cyber security seems to be a bigger and bigger threat. Is it worth getting involved in this space? If so, is it covered by the big tech names such as Microsoft, Apple etc or is it worth looking at specific ETF such as CYBR? Are there any stocks names that are interesting?

Thank you,

Paul C

Read Answer Asked by paul on October 04, 2021

Q: Balanced Equity Portfolio (Cdn & US Stocks): If 5i were just starting business today what 20 stocks would make up the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 16, 2021

Q: can you comment on each of the following, cybersecurity companies, in terms of which are likely to show the strongest growth in 1-2 years, with minimal likelihood of a pull back.

Read Answer Asked by Howie on September 15, 2021
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