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Q: I have these companies in my high revenue portfolio. It has been performing well. In these changing times, I find myself switching to companies that have high revenue growth and will not be affected by closure. Any expert thoughts or input would be appreciated.

FRPT - Freshpet is not in your database.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on May 06, 2020

Q: From a risk profile point of view, please classify each of the above companies as:
Low risk, average risk, high risk or speculative. Charge as many questions as you feel appropriate.
Thanks. RAM

Read Answer Asked by Ray on May 05, 2020

Q: What are some of your favorite US growth names right now? I am a younger investor with some money to deploy. I have a 20+ year time horizon. I am not too worried about sector allocation due to having a defined benefits pension when I eventually retire (20+ years).

I am also wondering what US stocks 5i staff are currently buying and why.

Thanks for all your advice. I read the questions daily. Your support through these tough times (my first as an investor) has been beyond insightful and finding I am getting my financial education through your words of wisdom and advice. I keep speaking highly of you to my friends looking to get into investing and am encouraging they subscribe to your service as it is beyond exceptional.

Thanks for all that you all do! Hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these tough times.

Read Answer Asked by Justin on April 15, 2020
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