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Q: Hi the great team, can you name some examples of positive momentum stock . Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on October 15, 2021

Q: I own the following in my US-denominated TFSA:


The goal of this account is high-conviction, long-term growth strategy, focused on eight US equities, with a risk profile somewhere in between that of your Balanced and Growth portfolios.

A) If I had to sell one of the 9 holdings listed, which should it be?

B) Are there any others that should be sold in light of the investment goal stated?

C) Which of these should I add to, if any, or, which new postition should I consider (US market only) that would complement the existing positions well? Please note that I am already fully-weighted/over-weighted in FIVE, GOOG, PYPL, and PAYC.

Thank you. Please deduct the appropriate number of credits as needed.

Read Answer Asked by Walter on September 08, 2021

Q: I have similar weightings of MDB, DOCU, PAYC, CRWD, GH, NET, and TWLO in my US RRSP account. As per the recent report recommendation from 5i, I would like to rotate some of my lesser quality stocks into strong value stocks or ETFs. Can you suggest 2 of 3 of the above that you would recommend I reduce or sell out and what strong value plays would make sense to backfill them with? Am I interpreting the guidance of the report correctly? Thanks!!

Read Answer Asked by Marc on March 22, 2021
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