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Investment Q&A

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Q: NVEI versus the rest ...

Can you suggest the names of some growth companies that you feel have more potential in today's market?



Read Answer Asked by David on September 12, 2023

Q: Hi, these are my stocks that are currently down, and would like to do some weeding,and tax loss planning.
I would like to sell one outright, sell three to half position, and maybe keep the remaining position.
The idea is to acquire cash to slowly add to my more stable holdings like ( BN:SLF: CSU etc.).
Thanks, and appreciate your feedback and opinions.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on August 28, 2023

Q: A number of the companies in your growth Portfolio have seen significant recent pullbacks. Specifically, DND, NVEI, TSU, TVE, TIXT and CTS. Would you consider these companies as Buy/Hold/Sell at current pricing?


Read Answer Asked by Timothy on August 24, 2023

Q: Thinking of buying a new mattress with a concealed side zipper. I find it hard to believe that a stock that trades in the USA and Canada can in one month lose 50% of its value because of a slight miss in earning and its outlook. Why?

You have strongly recommended NUVEI for quite some time and I was hesitant after involvement with LSPD. However, when another reputable investment newsletter (with a very conservative outlook), recently recommended this loser (NUVEI), I decided to take the plunge and pull the trigger. Boom, down 50%.

My question is about warning signs. How can one detect such things in advance? Obviously, nobody did, but for company to loss 50% of its value in less than one month, there must be something? No insider selling (or buying) unless it was done another way. The insiders must have known that they were going to lose half of their investment. Maybe they don’t own much? No idea?

I think something stinks here.

Anyway, I am off to Sleep Country.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 15, 2023

Q: Trying to reduce my number of stock holdings. Have identified these 11 as small positions that can be eliminated. Intending to use the cash to add to stronger holdings. I try not to think of a stock as a "hold". There are lots of high quality names you can invest in that look better than a "hold". If you were doing a portfolio clean up, and held these as roughly 1% positions, are there any that you would be reluctant to sell?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 15, 2023

Q: If you didn't have any shares in these companies wouldn't this be a good time to buy and slowly add over the next couple years. My thinking is CTS just has to go back to three dollars and your up 20%. They are buying back shares, dividend, huge ebitda etc. Board makes a few tweeks and sentiment and direction changes. I understand if you have a position to hold. Do you generally agree with the above.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on August 14, 2023

Q: It is common for readers to ask what market expectations are for companies that you are aware of a few days before they report their earnings i.e. recently CSU, KXS and GSY. When you see stocks with bad market expectations, could you put an alert out that for example XYZ is going to have bad market expectations? In other words, give us the head's up on bad market expectations of a security before it reports earnings. I assume that NVEI would have bad market expectations before they reported. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on August 10, 2023

Q: I imagine these will be answered by the time you get to this question, but if not could you comment on earnings for the above companies??? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on August 10, 2023

Q: I would like to add one from your growth Model (new position).
Please indicate your preference at this time and if possible your reasoning.
Thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by ALBERT on July 30, 2023

Q: I understand that you are keen on NVEI as a longterm growth story… could you please explain a bit more about where they fit into the fintech space - eg direct competitors, maybe comparative businesses? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on June 26, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,
I don't know much about these names but am thinking about investing in one or both, so a few questions to get me started and please deduct as you see fit.
You were asked this morning if SHOP's entry into the POS arena would affect LSPD, and I have the same question, but with respect to NVEI - will SHOP be competing with NVEI in that area?
I think tech may be getting ready for a turn around. Do you think that conclusion is justified by the facts on the ground so far as they are known and, if so, are either or both of SHOP and NVEI likely to benefit given their current prices or, put another way, are they at good entry points?
Does it make sense to own both, or better to take the $$ that would be split between them and go all in on one? If so, which one?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 30, 2023

Q: Hi group what your out look on last Oct lows. Will we see those lows tested on this pullback? so should i wait to start adding to my portfolio or start nibbling I am sitting on 30% cash on 500K total value portfolio

2nd question -I presently own the following and want to add to them in what order and time frame? would you start to nibble CSU, BYD.CA, COST, CSU, KXS, ATZ, L, GSY, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, NVEI,BN, BAM, SBUX, MSFT,AAPL, TECK, FTS, TFII, ENB, QQQ, GDXJ, GDX

Thanks for your valued opinion

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 25, 2023