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Review of Park Lawn Corporation

OCT 24, 2023 - Fundamentally, the company is strong, and management has set a strong Adjusted EBITDA target of $150 million for 2026. While it may continue to see some near-term headwinds due to a declining mortality rate, we feel that management is capable of navigating this turbulence and can continue to expand its margins and even seek out smaller acquisitions. We feel that the valuation is reasonable, and offers downside protection for investors. Rating maintained at B+.

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Q: Considering a switch from PLC and/or CTS to TVK, and one of SIS or NPI for TSU. What are your general thoughts on either move - higher risk, higher reward?

Thanks in advance. - Jeff
Read Answer Asked by Jeff on December 05, 2023
Q: Still looking into tax loss selling. The last few days have made me somewhat apprehensive, though. Things can shoot up fast. I have, unfortunately, fairly substantial losses in these three. Does 5i have any objections to selling, with the perspective of buying back later?
Thanks for your excellent advice
Read Answer Asked by joseph on November 17, 2023
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