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Review of Park Lawn Corporation

JUN 27, 2018 - Only Canadian public company serving the death-care industry with a healthy balance sheet, the potential for EBITDA margin expansions and recent acquisitions. We have recently added PLC to the income model portfolio and are initiating coverage at B+.

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Q: Park Lawn Corp. has been pretty weak lately. You would think that with the amount of space to burry people getting less and less, that that their services would get a premium. Through the media Ive been hearing about eco friendly ways if disposing of deceased. Things like composting (essentially becoming flowers in your flower bed) to burying people by road side and planting a tree over them. How would such future changes affect The company?

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on September 09, 2019

Q: RBC shows fair market value of $41.37...would you concur with this valuation with a pe of 59.6 and pb 1.4x and roe of 2.28 and total debt of 11.38%...but a profit of 5.28% .. eps growth of 92.7% sales growth of 45.16% and income growth of 60.18%...these numbers seem all over the map ...also would you still remain positive on growth at todays price of $25.31...thanks for great service...gene

Read Answer Asked by gene on September 02, 2019

Q: PLC and KXS - two stocks that you promote have fallen quite rapidly over the last while. This rally we have had over the last few days - they have not participated in. I am thinking of replacing them with stocks which have more upside potential - PIF is one of them with a 7% dividend. What are your thoughts on that? On another note - I was logging into one of the model portfolios and it asked me for a user ID and password which I have not come across before and I wasn't able to get in -- even though I put a user ID and password in, it didn't seem to allow me to go in. Thank you Dennis

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on August 29, 2019
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