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Q: Hi Team,
Three part question. Firstly, I know as professionals you do not recommend “winners” climbing to over a certain % of ones Portfolio. However, if early investors in Apple or shopify for example would of bailed ; some would not be millionaires now. Or in some cases , billionaires where the CEO’s are holding most their wealth in their company stock. How can one hope to land that “life changing trade”(1000% or more) if one keeps trimming eternal winners ? Does it not make sense if a person finds that “winning company” to keep holding of goals are set high? GSY one of those stocks, if you were to choose the likelihood of a solid company with good prospects, to choose to be overweight in and aim for that life changing 1000% move over a 10 yr or so period? I ask this company specifically because I am overweight this company and this is my goal. (Up over 200% so far and metrics still make this stock look cheap to me)

Thirdly… if you were to speculate a few different companies, either US or Cnd as your “best guess’s” so to speak of having the likelihood of producing 1000% gains over the next 10yrs or so; what would they be? Thanks for your input and deduct credits as you see fit. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shane on July 14, 2021

Q: Hi Guys,

Really like your recent blog post "These are the stocks you should hold on to....". I wonder where we would be able to find these metrics mentioned in the article for a stock, especially growth rate, profit margin, and sales growth rate.

Also, what is happening for "APPS", the share price is just dropping day by day event on days that general markets are up. I have a small position about 1% of my portfolio, currently underwater, should I add more, hold on or sell?


Read Answer Asked by Lin on July 09, 2021
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