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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good morning Ryan, Peter, and Team,

These are some of the stocks in my "growth" basket that have been most decimated in recent weeks. In which order might you sell, or would you suggest staying the course at this stage, given the dramatic share price drops? If selling, where might you move some of the cash for a (hopeful) rebound potential over the next six months? Thanks. Brad

Read Answer Asked by Bradley on May 12, 2022

Q: Can you please rank the following cancer related stocks based from best to worst based on your understanding of which are currently under appreciated based on their potential to cure or prevent cancer? To put it another way, do any of them have technology that could become significantly larger businesses than they are today in treating or detecting cancer?
Please add one name that I have not listed that may have higher potential.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 05, 2022

Q: Looking at companies in these companies, some have more current business (EXAS) while others are based more on potential. Can you please rank each in order based on these two approaches:

1. Most growth potential
2. Best overall investment

Please comment briefly on why you would place a particular company as "Best in class" for approach 1 and 2.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on April 05, 2022

Q: Hi. I still like both companies (veev,gh) but am going to sell for tax loss reasons and that they total between them 3% only of my portfolio. Am looking to consolidate into a single health care stock to go along with MDT which I already own in my portfolio. I like my positions to be at least 3% and not two smaller positions. Any suggestions. I was thinking ILMN. If you like ILMN please let me know why and what sets them apart. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 15, 2022

Q: Could I have a proxy for APPS:US and GH:US? Would you buy back in 30 days or would you recommend another stock, if so, which ones? Same risk level and APPS/GH.

Thanks for your service?

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on March 14, 2022

Q: Would you have a good proxy for U:US, DND and GH:US to capture tax losses, I do not need them but I would use them at for the future? If there is no equivalent, please state that as well and I can wait until markets return, whenever that will be.

Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on March 10, 2022

Q: I'm down about 17% in Guardant Health and the downward track since the peak a year ago does not look appealing. I've read the most recent comments on this stock and you seem to suggest that it might be worth hanging on to or possible even buying more.
In a case like this, the question for me is always:
1) Should I get out now before it goes any lower, or should I hang in and hope it recovers by 17% in the next year?
2) If I do sell it, what would I buy that has a better chance of increasing 17% in the next year?
I recognize, of course that you don't have a crystal ball, but you DO have your eye on the ball and that's what I depend on.

I am down even more on Crowdstrike (25%) and the same dilemma applies.

Your thoughts please and deduct points as appropriate.


Read Answer Asked by John on February 15, 2022

Q: I am down on average 50% on all of the 5 above noted US stocks. I am wondering how many of these you would consider averaging down on to buy more and hold for a recovery and which you would cut your losses on and sell now ?
I am prepared to hold all of them if their prospects of returning to previous highs are reasonably good within the next 12 months or so and as always value your opinions.


Read Answer Asked by JOHN on January 13, 2022

Q: Hi 5i and Happy New Year!

I hold the above noted stocks/ETF in a TFSA.
The only 2 that are above water are Nanoxplore (GRA:CA) and PayPal (PYPL:US).
Question 1). Which would you recommend keeping?
Question 2). Which would you recommend selling?
Question 3). With ESG values in mind, what would be your top 3 CAD stocks and top 3 US stocks for this year's $6000 TFSA contribution?

Thanks for all that you do!

Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 04, 2022

Q: On December 13th, Keith asked you to recommend your top 10 US non tech growth equities. May you rank the 10 in order of compelling buys at today’s prices.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by karim on December 22, 2021

Q: wondering about pins and your thoughts about them.
Can you give some compelling reasons to buy it here.Looks like it came down to a good entry price.
Or would you prefer Roku,gh or U?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on December 13, 2021

Q: What are your top 10 non-tech growth stocks in the US that you see currently see as attractive long term? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on December 13, 2021

Q: Looking forward to 2022 I think there is a recession coming at us. (Personal Opinion). Looks to me that growth companies are going to continue to face severe headwinds. I also think industrials, financials, energy, and health care will be the sectors that will start to outperform others. Of course I'm open to debate regarding my choices and welcome your opinions. However, I would appreciate 3 or 4 examples of companies that you believe are set up to outperform in these sectors. If I've missed any sector please feel free to add your ideas. Thanks for your valued suggestions.

Read Answer Asked by Les on December 06, 2021

Q: I have historically held my investments in mutual funds through a financial advisor. I subscribed to 5i Research approximately 3 years ago and made my first investments in equities and an ETF based primarily upon information obtained from 5i Research. The returns on VGRO ETF and my equities have been 2 to 4 times the gain for my mutual funds. I recently upgraded my subscription to include Portfolio Analytics. Based upon portfolio analytics, my current portfolio is reasonably well balanced with recommendations to add healthcare and industrials as well as some international exposure. I have cash on hand that I want to invest. I will hold my investments for the next 5 to 10 years. I am looking at purchasing some additional equities and an ETF with good growth potential at moderate risk. Please provide top 10 recommendations with rankings for stocks that I should consider adding to my portfolio. Please provide recommendations for top 5 ETFs with rankings that I should consider adding to my portfolio. What is your current view on VGRO? Would you suggest topping up my investment in VGRO?

Read Answer Asked by Don on December 06, 2021

Q: Can you suggest companies right now to pick away at ,or would you wait a bit longer till tax loss season is over.
please 5 in the US and 5 in Canada.
If dividend is important which 3 stocks would you pick away at right now?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on December 06, 2021

Q: I would like to build a more concentrated techy portfolio of our holdings with a 3 year time horizon by concentrating funds on stronger names and selling those you have less confidence in 3 years. Please rank names for
A. new funds to add with a short blurb about
1. growth potential and profit margins
2. risk/ debt, particularly at a time of rising rates
3. competitive advantage
4. management
B. selling with comment about reasons.
Appreciate service you provide - thanks

Read Answer Asked by sam on November 26, 2021