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Review of illumin Holdings Inc.

MAR 26, 2024 - With increasing competition from other large Artificial Intelligence players and other digital marketing channels especially social media like TikTok, the risk of disruption is this business is quite meaningful. To remain conservative, we are downgrading our rating by two notches from B to C+.

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5i Recent Questions
Q: Hi 5i, and would welcome your review of the Quarterly results from illumin Holdings. Do you see any red flags or concerns with the recent performance and future business prospects conveyed? At a past point in time they had a large cash cushion that presumably provided a floor for the stock price, hence can you please comment on how they're using that cash recently. All things considered, do you see any rays of sunshine, and could you consider it a hold or a little better?
Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 08, 2024
Q: HI folks
Sadly, I am down on all of these somewhere between 60 to 95%!!! They mostly but not all started out as somewhat small positions 2 to 4 years ago! I have time to wait longer but: 1)are there any that are absolute failures and therefore should be sold. 2) Would you please rate the selIs from 1 to 10 ..10 being the absolute SELL. 3)How many years should I give these? (tough to answer but just a guess). I will not get much at all for any of them! Please take as many credits as you see fit.
Much Thanks and happy Family weekend
Read Answer Asked by El-ann on February 21, 2024
Q: These are the big losers in my portfolios.
So sick of looking at them and waiting for improvement (which I know is unlikely and a bad idea). My wife’s analysis of my investment strategy is “break even quick”. Are any worth holding, or is it time to just jettison the works?
I don’t mind a bit of risk, but am thinking they’re just mistakes, at this point. I believe I have a diversified portfolio over all, with none of these being overweight.

Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on January 19, 2024
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