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Review of NFI Group Inc

SEP 15, 2022 - A play in the electric vehicle industry, NFI has a long-standing history and diversified operations within its niche. Shares prices have struggled due to a slower conversion of its backlog, supply chain challenges, and high debt on its balance sheet. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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Q: Unfortunately I am down over 50% on all these stocks (held in my TFSA). I am “cleaning house”.
Please give your opinion as to whether any have the potential to recover and are worth holding for a bit longer.
Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 02, 2023

Q: NFI has announced a package of initiatives which I assume are intended to address their burgeoning order book. There are a bunch of questions which arise as a result of their action including but not limited to adequacy and effectiveness, dilution, balance sheet improvement, residual problems etc. Could you please appraise their initiative and offer your comments?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on May 15, 2023
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