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Review of NFI Group Inc

AUG 08, 2023 - The high debt and inconsistent annual cash flow is not a good story in this interest rate regime. The debt is now more than five times the highest annual cash flow of the last decade. There is a long way for NFI to make itself buyable again, and as such we are removing coverage on this company.

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Q: Hi 5i,
Just mulling over how to punch up a part of my TFSA that's not done much for me lately and is looking like it might do even less in the next year or so:
Specifically, I'm considering the wisdom of selling all the CTS I hold (at a fairly sizable loss) and replacing it with either NFI (which seems to be trending in the right direction, share price wise) or DCBO (which might be at a good entry point right now) in the expectation that by making this move in a year's time I'll be ahead of where holding CTS would leave me.
So, boiled down, is selling CTS now sensible, and is either NFI or DCBO a good replacement and, if so, which one is likely the better replacement?
And if neither, could you suggest another?
Thanks for your thoughts.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 15, 2024
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