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Review of New Flyer Industries

NOV 17, 2018 - Transit bus and motor coach manufacturer offering good fundamentals, an attractive valuation, strong backlog, and continual value-creation. Coverage maintained at 'A-'.

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Q: I think the future of NFI business looks bright, see following link:

This statistic represents the overall number of buses and the number of electric buses in U.S. city fleets as of December 2017. In December 2017, American cities used about 65,000 public buses nationwide, 300 of which were electricity-powered.

I am significantly down on this stock. It is a long term hold and favourite of mine.

My gut says the market is wrong on this equity and I should buy more shares here. My brain say don't chase / average down. Start a new position in another equity altogether.

Looking for some veteran wisdom from you guys. I am sure you have been here before.

Your earliest response is appreciated, NFI is oversold!


Read Answer Asked by LARRY on January 16, 2019
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