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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Sold ATZ for tax loss. Is CROX a good proxy or would you recommend something else? Would you buy ATZ back later?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 16, 2022

Q: Hello guys
I am interested to do some tax loss selling for these stocks given steep drops over a year or so. Could you please weigh in on strategy and if you agree could you please propose some alternatives?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 13, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Staff

In my consumer discretionary basket the above 3 are "in the red". I have hung on to some losers far too long and have sold some that I wish I had not.

I have no problem in owing a basket of stocks in a sector if warranted. However that approach also means I can sell some and add to others without their position being "too large"

Assuming I would be adding to one or more of HD, DOO,DOL,LNF or MG which order would you add to and which if any of the above 3 would you not sell to add to any of those listed.

Thanks for all you do


Read Answer Asked by Dennis on March 30, 2022

Q: Wondering what 3 or 4 Canadian stocks you would choose to buy in a non registered account now, waiting for a full economic re opening and a settlement on the Russia -Ukraine conflict?
Seems energy, financials and materials are at highs. Tech is beaten up.
MG and SHOP come to mind. Any others you would suggest?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on March 09, 2022

Q: Like a previous subscriber wrote, we also appreciate your most recent report: specifically, the numeric historical context of this current correction, the sectors affected and those most likely to benefit.
We are invested in each of the three of the 5i portfolios and over the next 1-2 months plan to make staggered and targeted contributions.
Could you suggest 3 or 4 companies from each portfolio where the winds of sentiment are excessively negative and would be attractive to purchase with this approach?
This is for a 5+ years hold.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on March 08, 2022

Q: I held a smallish position in Canada Goose, and was getting less optimistic about sales growth, particularly in China, and sold half early in 2021 at about $53. Obviously should have sold all of it.
Today's results were disappointing with regard to the outlook.

(1)Wondering what you think of the GOOS results.

(2) If I sell the remaining GOOS shares, I would add to an existing smallish position in one of Pollard Banknote, Park Lawn or Trisura. How would you rank these 4 companies, GOOS, PBL, PLC, TSU, as part of a balanced portfolio with a tolerance for risk?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on February 11, 2022

Q: If Canada Goose was to beat estimates soundly as is their history for the coming quarter earnings (large share price increases follow reporting), how would this be viewed in the current market? Or would the current down draft ignore this and continue the downward pressure. For that matter if any company was to beat estimates this quarter is the selling pressure too much to overcome?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on January 24, 2022

Q: Looking at some Canadian companies that are involved in various aspects of consumer activity such as retail, investing, borrowing. Please rate each of the following on a scale of 1-10 for desirability for a 5+ year hold in a well diversified portfolio. Looking for good total return with a higher than average tolerance for share price volatility. These would not be core positions. CF, EQB, GOOS, NFI, PBI, PLC, TSU, TOY, ZZZ.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 18, 2022

Q: I would appreciate your opinion on your best picks US and Canada as a COVID recovery play for midium term in today's market. Thank you for your great service!

Read Answer Asked by Wei on January 17, 2022

Q: Looking for guidance for 2022 TFSA contribution in my wife’s account.
Have partial positions in both of the above companies and was going to top both of them up however both have been very volatile and want your opinion if they represent good value here and prospects remain good going forward.
I am specifically concerned about GOOS given how much it has fluctuated this past year.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on January 04, 2022

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

For a TFSA that includes all sectors except for Consumer Cyclical (don't know how I let this happen!), what would be your top five Canadian picks in Consumer Cyclicals for 2022? Should all 6K go into one of them, or should two or three be purchased for diversification purposes?

Thanks in advance for your valued assistance, and the best of the season to everyone at 5i as well as your members. I've learned so much from all of you!

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on January 03, 2022

Q: Can you please rank the following four, and following four in terms of compelling buys at today’s price:

2. LMT, CAE, TT, J

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by karim on December 09, 2021