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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: As far as the Discount Dollar Stores goes, I know and shop at Dollarama(Canadian)..., I have never experienced Five Below(US Based)...

- I used to like Dollarama as a Consumer, but its starting to get a bit pricey on items I regularly purchased... Not a fan of the price increases, but I still shop there for certain value...


1. Which of the 2 companies would you suggest buying, based on valuation, stock price , growth , future and safety...

2. Buy Both or One

3. Crystal ball : Could you see any of the 2 to be takeover targets in future?

4. Any other suggestions in this space?

Thanks in advance
Read Answer Asked by michael on March 18, 2024
Q: I am low on Consumer Cyclicals. What portfolio percentage do you advise to allocate? I have broken down the sector into sub-categories: housing, e-commerce, retail, personal services, lodging. Am I missing a sub-sector that shoud be included? Which ones have the most potential? I have listed some names - but am not tied to any. Apart from AMZN [owned], what are the top 5 or more that you would buy today and any others to keep on watchlist with buy targets? Please rank.
Read Answer Asked by sam on December 20, 2023
Q: Hi, I sold CROX and ATZ both for a tax loss but both have now come back and seem to have good momentum. Would you be buying either or both of these now? Do you prefer one over the other? They both seem to be moving almost in tandem at this time. Is there another name in the space you like more. Thank you in advance!
Read Answer Asked by Harry on November 29, 2023
Q: Hello, I have some money to deploy and have picked the above lucky 13 stocks. Are you able to put them in order in which you would purchase them (1 to 13). I know there is a wide range of companies, industries and cap size. This would be in a cash account and looking for capital gains over the next 3 years. I'm okay with lots of risk in this account.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on November 29, 2023
Q: Hello 5i Team,

Could you please suggest 20 Canadian and/or U.S. stocks for a "buy and hold" portfolio in an RRSP with average-to-above-average risk and a 5+ year timeframe.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your always helpful advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 20, 2023
Q: My wife took early retirement with DB plan. Her RRSP and TFSA are well diversified. She has enough money to invest in about 10 companies. This money is not needed in foreseeable future. However, a small dividend is appreciated along with capital appreciation. It will be invested in a regular account. Can you please suggest top 12 companies.

Thanks inadvance
Read Answer Asked by Atchuta on November 20, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

Can you provide some US names that you feel are trading at a discount today, are well managed companies with a runway for growth and are suitable for a long term investor. A few small, mid, and large cap companies would be appreciated, irrespective of sector.

Read Answer Asked by Regan on November 08, 2023
Q: Hi group...If we assume the conflict in middle east is going to escalate. What are you thoughts on a strategy to take advantage ...I am thinking we might test last Oct lows...What your thoughts on this?.
I have $100,000) cash waiting to invest at some point... do you suggest entry soon? and if so what is your top 10 picks regardless of sector or market. Thanks for your insight
Read Answer Asked by Terence on October 24, 2023
Q: I know you dislike the terms “screaming buys” and “backup the truck” about “almost irresistible “ buys to hold for the next 3 years? 5 Canadian, 5 US.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on October 23, 2023
Q: What are your top 5 Canadian growth picks for the next year? Please rank and explain why each is a strong choice? Also, what are US choices?
Read Answer Asked on September 20, 2023
Q: What is your current view of FIVE? I am thinking of initiating a new position. Can you comment on some of its various characteristics.?

A large number of analysts view it favourably with a significant higher target price but...

- some of its financial matrices seem worrisome, a P/E of 33 and a P/B over 6;
- its chart seems to show bad momentum, with a new low for this calendar year;
- some of their competitors have also fared poorly, so is it a bad space?

Would it be better to wait to get into this stock? Many thanks
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on September 19, 2023
Q: Do you see any pound the table buys out there? I am holding bn, ge and cpng as they appear to have a nice risk - reward ratio. What I am looking for are stocks that have potential and present attractive entry points. I was considering Nxst for example.

Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Jason on September 13, 2023
Q: What is your current assessment of George Weston. Its share price is down about 20% since its high of 4-5 months ago, and seems to be in a downward trend. It has a fairly small dividend. How does it look to you? Are there any reasons you to continue to hold this? Do you have any other defensive names that you prefer? Thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on September 01, 2023
Q: Hi - these two companies, while being similar in business plan, seem to act very differently. can you help me understand why DG seems to perform so much worse? What is making DG seem to be such a weakling while DOL holds firm?
Read Answer Asked by Douglas on September 01, 2023
Q: Which company to buy at this time for near term price appreciation. Any other suggestions in consumer staples. Your PA suggests I should increase consumer staples (no staples in my portfolio at this time).
Read Answer Asked by satish on June 02, 2023
Q: My portfolio analytics says I'm low on consumer staples.

I'm considering the above companies but also wondering if the ETFs listed might be the better way to go.

Please comment and rate these companies and ETFs.

Thanks as always for your insight.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on May 16, 2023
Q: I did reorganise my portfolios in 2022 for a majority of diversified dividend ETFs and a minority of selected excellent dividend stocks.This strategy was satisfactory ,and I shall not sell this content in 2023.My strategy in 2023 will consider the possibility of a bear market,I shall only " add-on" some stocks on weakness .Could you list 10 canadian+10 us stocks ( not ETFs), among the safest in a bear market in your opinion,including 7 dividend stocks+3 growth stocks for each list,and rank them for safety if possible,many thanks,JY
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on May 09, 2023
Q: I read most of the questions and people asking for the top stocks that are going to do well over the next year or two. Four that are mentioned more than once are FIVE, CVRX, CELH and CPRX. In the case of CVRX, I have a about a 25% profit in less than 2 months. Do you think it has more room to run? Is there anything to worry about the other 3. I have CELH as well which seems to be very volatile. Again, much appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on January 04, 2023