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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i
How do you view DLTR earnings release 1.7b loss closing 1000 stores etc..
In light of this would you expect material impact for DOL and its upcoming earning release... I did see this morning that national bank upgraded price target for DOL...

Current holder but with only a 1 to 2 year hold. Would you continue to hold DOL...

Read Answer Asked by jim on March 13, 2024
Q: I'm wondering about Dollarama compared to the US dollar stores. DOL is near a 52 week high and DLTR and DG are near 52 week lows. What difference(s) between this companies makes their recent performance so different? Do you think Dollarama going to follow the US companies performance in the near future?
Read Answer Asked by Mike on September 21, 2023
Q: Hi - these two companies, while being similar in business plan, seem to act very differently. can you help me understand why DG seems to perform so much worse? What is making DG seem to be such a weakling while DOL holds firm?
Read Answer Asked by Doug on September 01, 2023
Q: I read with interest your recent response about high risk stocks for conservative investors. Me, becoming more a conservative investor (as I enter my 80's but still like growth....hahahaha). With that in mind would you consider the following stocks high risk - LSPD, MX, JWEL, and in the US, MITK, PINS, PYPL, SQ, DLTR, DOCU....Thanks for your take.........Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on August 24, 2023
Q: I have some US cash I'm looking to invest in a company that I feel would fair ok in a recession. What are your thoughts on Waste Management and Dollar General? Are there competitor's in their respective sector's you would prefer?
Read Answer Asked by Chris on May 02, 2023
Q: Hi, I am looking for quality US stocks that do not give out a dividend like BRK.B and GOOG and are unlikely to start issuing dividends in the next years. Can you suggest 4-5 other names?
Read Answer Asked by Christian on August 08, 2022
Q: Given that US Stock dividends in a TFSA are subject to US withholding tax, is there any particular type of stock that you would recommend for a TFSA for a senior who has moderate risk tolerance? Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on October 28, 2020
Q: Good afternoon folks
With a better China/US trade agreement which of these would you expect to do better from here? I own a bit of DOL but have watched DLRT for awhile now.
Thank you for a good year and all you do for us! You have "steered my ship" for over 5 years now! Happily I am up 60%. All by shaving at highs and buying at lows(mostly but of course not always). I only added just under 2% of new money.
Read Answer Asked by El-ann on December 17, 2019
Q: What's your opinion on TJX for growth? Would you consider the recent drop an attractive buy point or are there better alternatives for growth in the sector?
Read Answer Asked by Laxmyharan on August 22, 2019
Q: Thank you for your terrific website. I need to add funds for my U.S. non registered account. I presently have IWD, DVY and SPY.
How would you compare the performance and outlook for the above funds? 5 year minimal hold.
Read Answer Asked by lorraine on July 02, 2019