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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: 1. What percentage do you advise allocating to discretionary sector.
2. Included are non-US names because of pricing power/ controlled supply. If I missed any from your favs, please add to the list.
3. Recently you answered my question on industrial stocks based on
a) core [large, defensive names]
b) high growth regardless of size
c) recent strength and positive momentum.
Applying that to my list of discretionary stocks, please rank in each category (1-3, with 1 strongest)

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 05, 2024
Q: I am low on Consumer Cyclicals. What portfolio percentage do you advise to allocate? I have broken down the sector into sub-categories: housing, e-commerce, retail, personal services, lodging. Am I missing a sub-sector that shoud be included? Which ones have the most potential? I have listed some names - but am not tied to any. Apart from AMZN [owned], what are the top 5 or more that you would buy today and any others to keep on watchlist with buy targets? Please rank.
Read Answer Asked by sam on December 20, 2023
Q: Hello Peter,

Would you be a buyer in the cons. discretionary sector at this time? Any suggestions?
Also between ANF TJX and ATZ which would you prefer to buy at this time? Or would you not buy either ?


Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on November 23, 2023
Q: What are your favourite companies for long term holds with strong balance sheets that are attractive from a PEG perspective today? Can you please list 5 US and 5 CAD? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Angus on July 24, 2023
Q: Wow, wild ride lately. I'm looking for some solid companies to tame things down in my portfolio. I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend some companies that fit the following requirements:
1. Are reasonably valued.
2. Have a solid business model that have protective moats that shied them from competitive threats.
3. Generate strong cashflow and earnings even in a higher interest rate environment.
I'm interested in both Canadian and American companies. Thanks, as always for your support.
Read Answer Asked by Les on March 29, 2023
Q: Hi Peter,

In this downtrend market could you please give your three best stocks to buy for 3 to 5 years hold in each sector in canada and US as well ?
Thank you for your best advise on this platform.

Read Answer Asked by kaushikbhai on December 10, 2021
Q: Greetings,

I am underweight consumer defensive and consumer cyclical and would need to invest about a $100k in each to get the right balance.

I also need more US and international exposure.

Can you suggest your top two individual names in each category that are listed in the US and Canadian markets?

Lastly, is there an ETF or two I should look at?

Keep up the good work… i am up substantially on TOI based on the guidance received here.
Read Answer Asked by Simon on August 27, 2021
Q: Hello 5i,
According to RBC Global Investment outlook, their top 3 U.S. sectors are: Financial (11%), Information Technology (28%), Consumer discretionary (13%) .
In Canada: Financial (31%), Industrials (13%), Energy (12%), material (12%).
Could you recommend 2-3 stocks in each of these classes ?

Thank you for your great service,
Read Answer Asked by Carlo on July 13, 2021
Q: Hi,
I assume that you will deduct question points as you see fit.
I am considering simplifying and 'conservatising' my RRIF.My wife andI are in our mid 70's.
Portfolio Analytical has again shown that my account is unbalanced with inadequate foreign content. I also need to increase my weightings in Consumer (discretional and defensive), Industrial and Technology.

Could you please suggest 5 names for conservative longterm holds in non Canadian Stocks or ETF's in the following categories?
a)consumer defensive
b)consumer discretionary
d)Technology .

With many thanks,
Read Answer Asked by david on June 16, 2021
Q: Hello 5i team,

According to portfolio analytics, I am underweight in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary as well as US exposure. I am a growth investor with a long-term horizon. This is for a TFSA.

In Consumer Staples I hold ATD.B and PBH and was thinking of adding COST.US.

In Consumer Discretionary I have ATZ, BOYD, DOO, LULU.US and was thinking of adding MG and possibly LNF.

Could you suggest some Canadian and US names for both Staples and Discretionary that would compliment my existing holdings?

Thanks for your advice.
Read Answer Asked by Stefan on May 03, 2021
Q: Can you please provide your top 5 large cap US consumer cyclical stocks today that provide growth in these challenging times, with moderate risk? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on September 17, 2020
Q: Do you believe the cyclic trade is back for real and if so, can you recommend 3 stocks Each in the US and Canada? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 24, 2020
Q: Can you give me names of 10 companies - CDN and U.S - that you feel have:
* strong balance sheets,
* a strong likelihood to survive or thrive in the current environment
* appear to be of good current value with an eye on a potentially strong rebound given a bit of time.
Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on June 02, 2020
Q: I would like your opinion on VIAC given that it aims to build on its CBS All Access platform to launch a major new streaming service. It is well priced right now. can you suggest a few other US stocks that are oversold and would be a good entry point.
Read Answer Asked by Mary on May 19, 2020