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Q: I am looking to add some real-estate to my portfolio .
Are there any ETF's or stocks you would recommend.
Read Answer Asked by Roy on March 22, 2024
Q: Currently I have no exposure to real estate in my portfolio. This is because I have been very hesitant to buy into real estate for the last few years because of Covid, then high interest rates, office workers working from home effecting Office REITS and on-line sales effecting Retail REITs. Are there 3 safe REITs out there paying a 4 - 5% dividend that a retired senior can invest in or should I just continue to stay away from the whole sector for now?
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on January 22, 2024
Q: Hello -

I suppose the merger with Life Storage has elevated EXR's debt. Is that debt load concerning in a prolonged "higher for longer" interest rate environment ?

How does it's present P/FFO ratio and Dividend yield compare to the past ?

Is there a better comparative metric to use than these ?

Is it a buy, or what would be "5i's attractive entry point" ?
Read Answer Asked by James on October 13, 2023
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