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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Good Morning, Can I please get your opinion on the recent earnings of Viemed and Profound Medical? Are they worth holding for several more quarters, or is it perhaps time to move on. I know you don't have many ideas for Canadian healthcare stocks, other than WELL (which I own), but if you wanted to switch to another CDN or US healthcare stock, what might you consider? Thanks. Brad
Read Answer Asked by Bradley on March 13, 2024
Q: Hello 5i Team,

Can I please get your current opinion on Profound Medical? Do you see it as a buy, given the risk level? The recent earnings call sounded very optimistic with a deal signed to install their prostate cancer/BPH thermal ultrasound treatment in 20 Cleveland Clinics across North America. They also mentioned a code approval in the US effective January 2025. Thanks. Brad
Read Answer Asked by Bradley on November 14, 2023
Q: I have a 2% position (of overall portfolio) in Savaria, and up until I looked up its sector classsification, I had considered it to be in the healthcare space, given it is in the business of improving accessibility for those who are physically challenged. As per the Yahoo! Finance portal, Savaria is listed as an industrial company. This investment is held in a RRSP account, so capital gains taxes are not a concern.

My questions are as follows:

- Is it reasonable for me to continue considering this as a healthcare investment, due to its target consumer base?

- Using a long-term (at least five years or longer) time horizon, would you be able to name any other potential companies of interest in the healthcare sector in both the Canadian and US spaces which I could target as potential replacements? The availability of a dividend from a replacement investment would not be a requirement for consideration for me: I am primarily concerned with total return over a longer time horizon.

- Of these companies, would any of them serve as probabilistically (given there are no guarantees in investing) better investment vehicles given the time horizon I have provided?

As always, I appreciate your time, and I look forward to reading your response. Thanks so much!
Read Answer Asked by Domenic on April 04, 2023
Q: In your response to Guy R. (Oct 22) about Tax Selling, you indicated the likelihood of a considerable sell-off still to come for this year's 'worst performing' stocks. Yikes !! Taxable account or not, wouldn't it be advantageous to sell the “worst” now, then repurchase in early December those stocks that you wish to own for the future? Otherwise, by holding, you are faced not only with recouping the loss already established, but on top of that, the additional loss anticipated in the coming 5 weeks.
My “worst performing” list includes: Canadian stocks: ANRG, AT, CAE, EGLX, LSPD, MG, PRN, SHOP, WELL. US stocks: APPS, U.
1) Are there any of these that you would suggest NOT selling ?
2) Of those to be sold, are there any that you would suggest NOT repurchasing in December ?
3) You mentioned some investors will want to buy “less worse” performing stocks so as not to miss out on a possible short term rally. Do you support this approach in the current situation, rather than just holding the cash proceeds temporarily ? If so, are there a handful of “less worse” performing stocks, that you would suggest and, would they be temporary or more long term replacements ?
Use whatever question credits appropriate. Thank you , as always.
Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on October 23, 2022
Q: Those 3 are well underwater but I like all 3 for their long term potential. I need some tax loss and I'm thinking to sell one or all and buy back in 30 days. I wonder if you could think of proxy titles to replace for the next 30 days or just leave the money on the sidelines. Would you sell all or not? DOO is the closest to breaking even is 12% down. The others are down in the 30% range and are very volatile. I need an opinion to help me decide. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Yves on May 27, 2022
Q: Ever since I started investing roughly ten years ago, I've always enjoyed trying to identify companies that could become acquisition targets. Could you please name five companies (TSX only) that you believe have a high likelihood of being acquired or taken private in this current environment? Thank You
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 12, 2022
Q: Based on your reply to Paul on May 9th...."We think buying over a year will end up looking pretty good in two or three years". Of the following Companies that make up my portfolio what would be your TOP 3 conviction names to ADD to over the next year based on long term growth potential, good valuation, well run, good management, no brainer this will be a good investment type choice. There is opportunity here so don't want to miss the boat. Yes everything is down. Yes people are panicking. But it will go back up and simply want to focus my energy on the ones with more conviction. I don't need the money for the next 15-20 yrs but don't want to be a moron either and be happy with a bit of dividend here and there when I could see larger returns by making a good decision today. Thanks again.
Read Answer Asked by Theron on May 10, 2022
Q: At the time of writing, PRN is up by 10% today. Deeply under water, earnings next week. What to expect? Is it a keeper for the next year or should I sell for tax loss and take my money elsewhere? If a sell, would you wait for earnings? The market is so short term sighted that with COVID PRN might suffer for an extend period of time.
Read Answer Asked by Yves on May 04, 2022
Q: I’m considering an investment in Canadian Health Care. Is it best to buy an ETF an if so which Canadian Health Care ETF do you suggest? If you believe certain health care companies have a better upside potential than a a composite ETF which companies do you suggest?
Read Answer Asked by Bob on April 13, 2022